Her time-craft license is official. INDUCTION DAY by @PKHrezo #timetravel #Giveaway

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by PK Hrezo

Induction Day by PK HrezoThe year 2069 is coming to a close, and eighteen-year-old Bianca Butterman’s time-craft license is finally official. She’s ready for the Induction Day she’s waited for since she was a kid—the one that will secure her name on the Butterman family tree of time travelers. But ever since the media discovered Bianca is pop superstar Tristan Helms’ latest new honey, everything Bianca does or says becomes a target of criticism. Having her professional credibility topping the gossip sites across social media is an open invitation for the government to step in and regulate Bianca’s Induction. Now she will have to ask herself if saving 1500 people from drowning is worth losing everything she’s ever worked for, including the Butterman family biz.

Welcome to Butterman Travel, Incorporated; a full service agency designed to meet all your exclusive time travel needs. We’re a family owned and operated business with one hundred years of experience. A place where you can rest assured, safety and reliability always come first.

Anxious to attend some special event from the past? Or for a glimpse of what the future holds?

You’ve come to the right place. We’re a fully accredited operation, offering an array of services; including, but not limited to: customized travel plans, professionally piloted operations, and personal trip guides. *Terms and conditions do apply

Use our Web conferencing to contact our frontline reservation specialist, Bianca Butterman, who will handle all your inquiries in a professional and efficient manner, offering a tentative itinerary and free fare quote, so you can make the most of your time trip.

We look forward to serving you at Butterman Travel, Inc., where time is always in your hands.

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Enjoy An Excerpt

Okay, this is weird. Why do I feel like a total prude around this chick who’s old enough to be my great, great, great grandma? And who’s got her collar buttoned up to her neck and the hem of her dress grazing her ankles in crew-enforced modesty.

But that thought is interrupted with something far less trivial—a fact that’s so morbid my mouth goes dry. I remember Adelaide’s fate aboard Titanic. She doesn’t survive.

Dread wells up inside me now, and even though this person has been long dead in my own timeline, she’s alive and energetic in hers. And perfectly clueless of what’s about to happen.



About the Author

PK Hrezo

PK Hrezo is a native Floridian rarely found without her flip flops on. She shares her home with her firefighter husband, their two children, and big dog named Ripley. When not creating characters and their worlds, PK can be found at her other job of rearranging passenger’s itineraries for a major international airline. The only hobbies she loves more than traveling are reading, writing, and music, and when the four are combined she exists in total bliss.

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Caught skinny dipping under the night sky ~ #MySexySaturday from ALIEN ADMIRER #scifirom

My Sexy Saturday

Hi peeps! It’s the 57TH week of My Sexy Saturday. Here are the details:
every Saturday, published and unpublished authors will be sharing 7 words,
sentences, or paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published story.

Today’s theme is SEXY STARRY NIGHTS,
a nod to science fiction romance.

So, here’s seven from ALIEN ADMIRER. Enjoy!

Alien Admirer by Jessica E. Subject

Set-up: Sera is skinny dipping in the lake behind her house. Little does she know, her sexy neighbor has been spying on her.

Rushing over to the dock, she placed her hands on the first plank and hopped up. She rubbed her arms, hoping the warm air would dry her off fast. Her teeth chattered so hard, her jaw ached. After gathering her clothes, she raced for her house, craving a cozy blanket. A hot body would be better.

“Need a towel?”

Sera shrieked and jerked to a halt. Oh, hell. Everyone was supposed to be sleeping. She squeezed her eyes shut, hoping she’d imagined the voice. Opening them again, she took a quick look to her left.

Adam. Great! The last person she wanted to be anywhere near before bed. While naked. She held her clothes across her breasts and groin to cover them from his view. How much had he already seen? Obviously enough. God, why can’t this be a dream? Yet, a fantasy about the man next door wouldn’t leave her shivering. Just sweaty.

“Adam, what are you doing out here? I thought I was alone.” Don’t ever assume again.

He stared at her, his blue eyes sparkling in the diminishing light, filling her with sudden warmth.

“I came to offer you a towel. To dry off. I noticed you didn’t have one when you jumped in.”

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For more My Sexy Saturday postings, check out the participants’ list here.

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Happy Anniversary to IN THE PAGES OF A GOOD BOOK! Enter to WIN a #Kindle!


In The Pages of a Good Book anniversary invitation

I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this celebration. I remember back to 2011, when I was celebrating my first year of blogging. And it was shortly after that when I received my first contract offer. Since then, everything has changed.

Now, I met Beckey through some Facebook events this year, and she has been a great supporter to me and many other authors.


This is the theme of the hop, and I thought I’d share an excerpt from Another Night, Another Planet, where both the heroine and the hero travel across the universe with their best friend.

ANAP audioOne limited by status. One shunned because of his lineage. Both searching for love.

When Madame Evangeline matches a housekeeper from a luxury cruise ship with a man labeled as an interstellar terrorist, will the two find what they’re looking for, or will their date be just another night on another planet?

Enjoy An Excerpt

He searched the skies, spotting the star cruiser barreling toward him. What in Claustrum? His friend would kill him and everyone on the streets. Nate continued running to the field and a line fell from the ship. His chest tightened. No way! I have to climb that? Yeah, right. He didn’t do stunts.

Dirt shot up around him as more blasts came from the men wanting him dead. Guess I have no other choice. Time to be a daredevil. He darted toward the dangling rope, praying to the gods Wyn’s stunt would work. Lifting his arms, he reached for the knot at the end and grabbed hold, asking for the strength to maintain his grip.

In an instant, he lifted off the ground, clinging to the lifeline. A few more laser beams shot past. All at once, the burly men below lowered their guns, staring at him. And his denims rested around his ankles, exposing him for all to see. Well, that explains the sudden breeze.

“Told you mine’s bigger than yours,” he shouted.

When another beam burnt a hole through his pants, he pulled his knees up, trying to save his vital organs. He spun around, hanging on tight while Wyn circled back, racing him away from danger.

Beyond the docks of the port, Nate dropped the line. He yanked up his still smoking jeans, waiting for Wyn to land. Once the door to the ship opened, he rushed inside.

“Go, go, go.”

He swung into the second seat, his heart hammering, as he helped program a course out into space.

“Why do I always wind up catching you with your pants around your ankles every time we go out?”

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Now an Audio Book ~ Narrated by Audrey Lusk

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