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Find Me on ARe CafeSudden Breakaway (a 1Night Stand story) by Jessica E. SubjectHello! It’s military romance month at ARe Cafe, and I’m over there today, talking about sexy military heroes. I’m also giving away an ebook of Sudden Breakaway in their Daily Giveaway. So, pop on over, leave a comment, and enter to WIN!

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Her Gargoyle turns into a full-size, naked man ~ THE POWER OF THREE #MySexySaturday #menage #PNR

My Sexy Saturday

Thank you so much for joining me for week 51 of My Sexy Saturday!

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While I don’t have any shifter stories in the traditional sense, I do have aliens who can shift their appearance, and even an inter-dimensional visitor cursed to live as a gargoyle.

So, for today’s My Sexy Saturday excerpt, I give you seven from THE POWER OF THREE, which is two-years published tomorrow. Enjoy!

The Power Of Three by Jessica E. Subject  ThePowerofThree

Set-up: While Bo and Delayna were making love, Del’s gargoyle statue fell on Bo’s head. Now, there are fighting over it. Little do they know…

Did she know he was really in there? Could she feel him watching her, wanting her?

Bo lowered him to her palm, but didn’t let go. “You and your creatures.”

She leaned forward and kissed the bump on his head, her breast rubbing across Oscar. “But you love me anyway.”

And then a loud crack filled the air. Light surrounded him and he was falling.

As if being sucked out of the stone, Oscar sprang from his prison and landed on the floor on hands and knees. Taking a deep, refreshing breath, he stood and stretched his arms high into the air in all his naked glory. Being confined to such a small space had left him stiff, and not in a good way.

Delayna gasped, glancing from him to the broken bits of stone on the carpet.

“What the hell?” Bo grabbed the bed sheet and draped it over his wife, knocking the gargoyle remnants in her hand onto the carpet. “Who the fuck are you, and how did you get here?”



Cursed to live amongst several stone gargoyle statues, Oscar watches a young couple, yearning to participate in their sexual activities. For he has been away from his own lovers for over a year, and longs to touch and be touched again.

When he tumbles off the headboard onto the couple, he is released from the statue but must find a way home. His only thought: a ménage with the man and woman who freed him. But will they try something new to grant him his return passage, or leave him wandering Earth alone?


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Be sure to check out other MY SEXY SATURDAY excerpts!


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15 SEXY stories ~ Get the Sci Spanks 2014 Anthology for only #99cents! #newrelease

Sci Spanks ~ An Out of this World Spanking Anthology

The SCI SPANKS 2014 ANTHOLOGY offers fifteen sexy spanking stories with a science fiction twist. You’ll find everything from sweet, tender romance to laugh-out-loud humor and references to old-school science fiction popular culture. You’ll find a mixture of romantic pairings, from M/F to F/F to M/M. Some stories are harsher, while others appeal to the softest-hearted romantic. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Available From:

All Romance | Amazon | Kobo | Smashwords

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Editor: Anastasia Vitsky

Formatted by: Kate Richards

Cover Artist: The Cover Artisan


Stories included:

Bred for Love: Tika is Chosen by Eve Langlais

Abducted and raised in a commune on a planet with two indigo suns, Tika has no idea she’s part of a specialized breeding program created to provide healthy human females to men of power in need of a perfect mate.

But Tika has no intention of behaving. What she doesn’t count on is her new owner enjoying the challenge.

Taming the Wolf by Anne Odom

The time machine is broken, and there’s a wolf in the control room. What’s an inventor to do when his project is failing, his lover is wicked, and his patience is stretched?

Replicated Consequences by Jessica E. Subject

After Darryl Malloy’s wife is killed in combat, he doesn’t expect to find her standing on his door step. Only she is not his wife, but a clone, armed with a paddle.

Oh, What the Hell by Maren Smith

May has for a long time now suffered in her attraction to shipmate, Vek. That Vek is a praying mantis-like Klik’vok is entirely beside the point. Her fickle woman’s heart has spoken and tonight is the night she’s going to do something about it. Because surely, once a woman gets past the whole “bug exterior” thing, then any other obstacles must be easy, right?

What’s a Moon Colony without a Spanking Franchise? by Kate Richards

But Harlan, a simple college professor and trainee of The Trainer isn’t sure how well his tools will work in the lower gravity chosen by the denizens of this strange place. What he needs is someone to try them out on. But the client who presents herself is not exactly the girl next door…

Jen & Maddy by Cathy Pegau

When Maddy stops by her girlfriend’s lab, she helps by testing the mind-reading equipment. To her shock, all of her deepest longings are laid bare. Will she scare Jen away, or will they take their relationship to the next level?

No More Lizards by Sue Lyndon

Anya is determined to help her stern alien husband, Roc, find his sense of humor. Putting a native lizard-like creature known as an ebbra under their bedcovers seems like a good idea. It’s funny. At least Anya thinks so…until her husband decides a certain naughty little prankster needs to go over his knee. Will Anya ever succeed in coaxing a smile out of Roc, or is the cultural divide between them too great to find some common ground?

A Public Caning by Natasha Knight

Research Purposes Only by Eva Lefoy

From my research, species across the galaxy have one thing in common: they all have some hidden kink. Whether its tentacle restraints, breath play or even the more uncommon fire play, they all have tricks up their sleeve. Join me as I visit the Utai and get a first-hand taste of how sweet their punishment for a simple crime can be.

Red Moon Rising by Erzabet Bishop

When you can’t be who you are where do you turn? When you thought the love of your life was lost only to find her again how do you choose between yesterday and tomorrow.

A hereditary witch, Detective Devi Watson fought long and hard to become a cop in a witch hating world. Forced to turn her back on her coven and her family she lost everything that mattered most. Her girl Astrid included. Some choices a woman should never have to make. When witches begin to die and Astrid is threatened, the carefully constructed wall around Devi’s past begins to crumble.

Who is she? Hereditary witch or a student of law and logic? Can Devi reconcile the demons that haunt her and face the red moon rising…

Double Trouble by Louisa Bacio

Rumor Wasted laced up her skates, pulling the strings tight and thinking about the royal thrashing she planned on giving the other team. Adrenaline coursed through her body. The power and high she got on the track almost rivaled the glorious afterglow of a good fuck.

Almost, but not quite.

Tonight she planned on scoring on both fronts.

Skin by Leigh Ellwood

Different planets abide by different rules, and when Andromeda breaks one she must accept the punishment. When her ship’s captain elects to administer the penalty, she finds being the bad girl feels quite good.

A Lifetime by Olivia Starke

Flame on a Fire by Carole Cummings

Exposition and development masquerading as a PWP. Or vice versa. Depending on your perspective. But hey, either way—bondage!

Taliasman by Anastasia Vitsky

“If I had been born a boy, I would have followed in my father’s footsteps to become a tradesman. Because I was a girl, he sold me instead.”

So begins the tale of Talia, a woodworker’s daughter who is sold for a sackful of gold. Queen Vina appears at the cottage of Talia, a nineteen year old whose family is too poor for her to marry. Vina takes Talia to her palace, and the girl discovers unexpected love.

Sci Spanks - an Out of this World Anthology

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