Jessica E. Subject’s Weekly Writing Update ~ Revisions and Romancing the Capital

Weekly Writing Update 2016

Hello! It’s Tuesday, and time for this week’s Weekly Writing Update. Not much has happened this week as I’ve been getting reading to head to Ottawa for Romancing the Capital

REVISIONS ~ I’ve been working on revisions for BEYOND REACH and BRYCE. They’re going well, but not yet ready to send to my editor.

GETTING READY FOR RTC ~ Romancing the Capital begins on the evening of May 5, with the signing on May 7. I’ll be leaving May 4. For those you attending, you can check out the covers for BRYCE and BEYOND REACH at the book signing.

Events for Jessica E. Subject at Romancing the Capital

FREE READ ~ Don’t forget, Alien Adoration, the first story in my Alien Next Door series is now free at most ebook retailers. You can find all the links here.

GOALS FOR THE WEEK ~  I will work on revisions for Bryce, and have fun in Kanata. When I return, I’ll be catching up on laundry and more. Stay tuned next week for pictures from RTC.

Please share what you have been up to this week. Are you reading or writing anything new? 

#8Sunday: “Where’s the alien?” Excerpt from Alien Attraction #books #romance

Weekend Writing Warriors personal

Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post! 

This will be the last excerpt I share from Alien Attraction, the third book in my Alien Next Door series. Next week, I won’t be participating, as I’ll be on my way home from Romancing the Capital. On May 15, I will start sharing excerpts from Bryce or Beyond Reach, whichever is closer to being ready for release.

All previous excerpts from Alien Attraction have focused on the orb, but this snippet reveals some of the danger the orb predicted, and gives a peek into the connection they share after the first time they made love…

The crazy bitch grabbed a scalpel from a nearby table and held it in front of Angela. “You know where the alien is, and you’re going to tell me. We followed you back to your apartment building last night. What happened after?”

“I had dinner with the guy, yes. We went back to my place, yes. But when I woke up in the morning, he was gone. Sent a text this afternoon saying he would meet me after work, but as you know, he didn’t show.” And the reason for his absence worried her more than the blade resting against her face. She’d felt his presence for a few minutes after she’d arrived in this hell, experienced his panic and concern before it all vanished, like someone had reached in and ripped him right from her soul.

Alien Attraction, a New Adult Sci-Fi Romance by Jessica E. Subject


She wants to be more alien.

He wants to be more human.

Born a galaxy apart, will Angela and Chal have a chance at love, or will their extraterrestrial secrets leave them running to stay alive?

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Also part of Alien Next Door: The Complete Series


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#MySexySaturday: Face-to-face with the man who saved her in ACCIDENTAL ROMANCE #NewAdult #books

My Sexy Saturday

Hello and welcome to the 139th week of My Sexy Saturday.

Here are the details: every Saturday, published and unpublished authors will be sharing 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published story.

Today’s theme is…


For today’s post, I’m sharing an excerpt from ACCIDENTAL ROMANCE, one of my few stories that is not sci-fi. I will not be participating next week, as I will be at the Romancing the Capital conference in Ottawa. See you again May 14th!

Accidental Romance, a New Adult Western Romance by Jessica E. Subject

Setup: After her boyfriend dumped her, and she lost her hand in a farming accident, Leanne is feeling pretty down. Then Jake arrives…

Tina gathered her in a hug, rubbing her back. “I’m sorry.”

She reveled in the fact her friend didn’t say I told you so or tell her she deserved better. Tina was simply there, everything she needed at the moment. Loosening her grip, Leanne took a deep breath and leaned back on the bed. “Thank you for being here. And thanks for not being put off by the fact I’m no longer whole.”

“Why would I be anywhere else?” Tina gripped her arm again. “You’re still the same person. So what if you’re one hand less.” A tear trickled down her cheek. “Anyone who can’t see you’re still the same beautiful Leanne is an ass.”

“I agree.”

Leanne turned her head toward the doorway at the sound of the familiar husky voice. But the sight was not what she was used to at all. Instead of his dirty and smelly farm coveralls, Jake had on a T-shirt that stretched across his ripped chest, and his blue jeans hugged all the right places. He’d left the ball cap somewhere else, revealing the wave in his dark brown hair. When had he grown up from the teen she remembered in high school? His blue eyes were fixed on her as if she’d disappear if he glanced away.

But she wasn’t going anywhere. He might have saved her life, but she’d never be the same. Her dream of taking over the farm was shattered. She’d never work by his side again.

Tina leaned down and hugged her. “Well, I think it’s time for me to leave. You have a hero to thank.”

Anyone who can't see you're the same person is an ass. #Excerpt from ACCIDENTAL ROMANCE by Jessica E. Subject Click To Tweet


Her plans changed in an instant…

Once finished college, Leanne intended to take over her family dairy farm, let her father retire and finally take a vacation. After one tragic night, her dreams go up in smoke. She loses the ability to do the most basic of things.

And brought him closer…

Jake, the farm hand who lives down the road, refuses to let Leanne give up on her goals. He remains by her side throughout her healing. But, when he confesses his true intentions, their friendship takes a drastic turn.

If only she’d known before she lost her arm.

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#MidWeekTease: Will Cooper stay for his blind date in HER ALIEN HERO #romance #books

Get teased, titillated, and tantalized with this week's Mid Week Tease

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for Mid Week Tease. Since I’m getting ready to head to Ottawa for Romancing the Capital, I’ve decided to share an excerpt from HER ALIEN HERO, an erotic romance that takes place in Ottawa during said convention. Also, I won’t be participating next week, as I’ll be on my way to Ottawa.

Her Alien Hero, a sci-fi romance story by Jessica E. Subject

Setup: Cooper (half extraterrestrial) just found out that his friend, Tabitha, has set him up on a blind date…

Cooper tensed, heat flushing through his body. How could Tabitha set him up with a stranger? Not even a simple date, but a one-night stand. She could have, at least, told him before he drove to the hotel. But then he would never have traveled to Ottawa, never gone through with the arrangement to begin with. He stood, tossing the note and envelope back onto the bed.

On his way out of the bedroom, he unclipped his phone. No way it’s going to happen. I’m heading back home. One hundred dollars in fuel wasted. So much for trusting his friend. Never again would he travel anywhere at her request without knowing the reason before he set out.

He grabbed his duffle bag from the floor and reached for the door handle. His phone vibrated.

Have you looked at the photo? Do not leave until you do.

Dammit. He hadn’t noticed a picture. What difference would seeing the woman make anyway? He refused to stick around for some blind date whether with a troll or a super model. He’d had enough blind dates in his lifetime, and they all ended the same way, with the woman departing when she noticed something “off” about him. He’d learned to never stick around long enough for them to think about it any further, often excusing himself to use the restaurant bathroom and leaving instead, paying the bill on the way out.

In order to placate Tabitha—she’d torment him if he didn’t look—Cooper picked up the envelope and fished inside.

Thick, filmy paper brushed along his fingertips. He pulled out the rectangular object to see the identity of the woman about to be stood up.

No, it couldn’t be. Wavy red hair framed the woman’s ivory face. A smattering of freckles highlighted her cheekbones, drawing his attention to her radiant clover-colored eyes. Long ago, he’d imagined kissing her full lips, slipping his hands under her tight shirt to stroke her warm skin. While his former neighbor had grown up in the best of ways over the years, she still resembled the girl he’d fantasized about for most of his early teen years.

She still resembled the girl from his past. #Excerpt from HER ALIEN HERO by Jessica E. Subject Click To Tweet


Librarian by day, erotic romance author by night, Melinda Rose sets out for another exciting conference, this one in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. But all her plans go up in smoke when the 1Night Stand she applies for is set to happen at the same time.

Cooper Tate heads to Ottawa to meet a friend. When he learns of her deception, he is ready to head back home and vows never to trust her again. That is, until he sees a picture of his stunning date.

With the help of Madame Eve, can these two former neighbors become lovers? Or will extraterrestrial secrets rip away the hero Melinda has always dreamed of?

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Jessica E. Subject is the author of sexy sci-fi romance, bringing to life a wide variety of characters including aliens, clones, androids, Galactic Defenders, and more.