Telling time where time doesn’t exist ~ @Liza0Connor tackles the issue in THE GODS OF PROBABLITIES

Author Liza O'Connor discusses telling time in space with THE GODS OF PROBABILITIES blog tour.

Telling time in Space

post by author Liza O’Connor

How could spacemen traveling through space measure time in a meaningful way?

It’s not as simple as it sounds.

On Earth we initially established our years, days, minutes and second between the Earth’s rotation around the sun.  It’s not quite accurate, which explains leap year every four years, but it does well enough to get by.

But what if we moved to the new Oceana, a planet far away in a different galaxy? Would we call a single rotation of our new planet around our new sun a year?  But what if it has two suns (which it does) and our planet is a moon rotating around a large gaseous planet that rotates between two suns. What if that rotation shifts from time to time due to the gradational pull of each sun?

Author Liza O'Connor discusses telling time in space with THE GODS OF PROBABILITIES blog tour.

Those are matters my Oceanics must deal with, but honestly they are flexible with time, it being an illusion and all. If it is dark, they sleep. If it is light they study or work according to the plans of their teachers. They have no perceptible season in the water since it remains a pleasant temperature year around. So no one actually cares what time it is.

In book 2, my human (well, mostly human) colonists will land on a very different a planet. The planet comes with five seasons, three of them quite deadly and the sentient beings, who resemble cows and bulls, count their years by the passing of the five seasons. It makes sense that on such a planet you will create time categories that work specifically for your planet. It’s not helpful to designate a certain number of days a year if it doesn’t consistently correspond with changes in the seasons.  If May is freezing one year, and underwater the next year because you failed to alter ‘time’ to your new life cycle, you aren’t going to be a successful colonist.

So how will we do this? If we arrive with watches set to earth, what good are they? If they have no means to be recalculated, then they are worthless.

One already invented measurement device uses a pulsar to tell time. But while considered ‘out of space’ from our position on earth, it wouldn’t be accurate for a space ship to use as it flew toward and away from its pulsar.

However, the latest advancement in atomic clocks is one called the Quantum Logic Clock that’s based on measurements of individual ions of Beryllium and aluminum. It could set a truly Universal standard that regardless where you are in the universe, you could use since all you need to do is bring the ions with you.

One should expect all space stations and ships will adapt to Universal Standard time, since they have no ‘seasons’.

However, most planets will prefer to use a clock that corresponds with their seasons based on their rotation around their sun or suns. Not a problem if all time devices include a small computer within which can translate Universal time to local standards.

So while in local standards Earth time doesn’t equal Terranue time, the pulse of universal time that runs ALL clocks is the same. And if you need to talk to someone off planet, you can flip over to Universal time and tell them when they should arrive. Otherwise, there might be a time confusion and they’ll try to land in Hard Days when the temp climbs to 240 degrees, or Cold days when it drops 40 below freezing, or worse yet, they attempt to land in Angry Days when the winds and hail would obliterate the ship in short order.

In my story, this single quantum pulse is called an echon.

Author Liza O'Connor discusses telling time in space with THE GODS OF PROBABILITIES blog tour.

However, for ease of reading, the time conversions have been made to this version so Earth people can understand the times, since they have failed to adapt to the Universal standard system.

Author Liza O'Connor discusses telling time in space with THE GODS OF PROBABILITIES blog tour

The Gods of Probabilities

by Liza O’Connor

The Gods require a time shifter to ensure the Path of Light reigns during the final collapse of possibilities. To speed the process of finding an Oceanic with the specific talents needed, God DNA is induced in several batches of Oceanic eggs, resulting in a generation of brilliant tiny blue Oceanic children.

One charming boy named Drogan has the ability to manipulate quantum reality in ways that will strengthen the Path of Light. Only trouble is that his gift runs a high probability of killing him and wiping out the Path of Light for good.

While the bureaucratic Gods will try to assist, in Quantum all possibilities not only can, but do happen, so the future is never certain.

Liza would love to know: What’s your favorite genre?


blog space excerpt

Athena smiled at her discovery of a small water-based planet with a heavy atmosphere similar to Zepwick’s. It also had an excellent magnetic shield protecting it from the two suns that warmed this system.

Technically, it was a moon of a large gaseous planet, and would have been a block of ice if not for the second sun. With just a few adjustments, it would be perfect for the Oceanics.

Knowing humans would eventually need to arrive on the planet and take Drogan with them when they left, she tugged a portion of the molten-hot core of the planet upward, creating an underwater volcano to establish a moderate-sized island fifteen feet above the ocean.

She gathered thick piles of fish shit and rotted sea plants, placing it over the pockmarked lava rock. Then, selecting a few promising plants from beneath the ocean, she modified them for land survival and scattered them about the barren island.  She smiled at her work. By the time the humans arrived, the island would make a lovely stopping point.



About the Author

Liza is a multiple genre author of 15 novels. A Late Victorian Series, The Adventures of Xavier & Vic, plus a spinoff, A Right to Love, is an ongoing series.    A Long Road to Love is a humorous Contemporary Disaster Romance series (5 books). She has two single books. One is a humorous, bad boys, contemporary novel with ghosts, called Ghost Lover, the other is Untamed & Unabashed, a spinoff from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Now, she’s rolling out her Science fiction series (with romance & humor) called The Multiverses. The first four books are slotted for last half of 2015.  In addition she hopes, if she hasn’t dropped from exhaustion by then, to re-release a sometimes humorous/suspense thriller called Saving Casey. It’s the story of a middle-class old woman who dies and wakes up in a trust-fund teen’s body with no choice but to turn around Casey’s life, despite the many bridges the teen has burnt.


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The Multiverse Series by Liza O'Connor

#SFRMonday: In her crosshairs or her arms? THE CHASE by @Athena_Grayson #scifirom #boxset

Travel through time and space with #SFRMonday ~ Find out what sci-fi romance title is featured this week!

Please welcome author Athena Grayson with The Chase, the first box set of her episodic sci-fi romance, Huntress of the Star Empire.

#SFRMonday: In her crosshairs or her arms? THE CHASE by @Athena_Grayson #scifirom #boxset

The Chase: Huntress of the Star Empire Episodes 1-3

by Athena Grayson

Getting him in handcuffs was the easy part… 
The Chase (Episodes 1-3)
–Episode 1: Hot Pursuit
–Episode 2: Captivated
–Episode 3: Tailspin
Known to her targets as the Huntress, Treska Sivekka hunts down the aliens and psypaths whose mental talents are a threat to Union security. Now, with the last free psypath in her crosshairs, Treska’s mission is about to be fulfilled.

She’s not the only one who wants a piece of Micah Ariesis, and she’ll have to fight off the scum of the star system to keep him in her handcuffs. Her only problem is that she wants him in her arms…


About the Huntress
Ever since she was found in the aftermath of alien attacks, Treska Sivekka has been trained to one purpose–to hunt down threats to the security of the Union that gave her an identity. But when the Union’s biggest threat inspires desire, and not fear, it’s going to take all her training to protect her principles against his persuasive onslaught.
The Huntress’s neuro-collar and repulsor cuffs may keep Micah bound to her mercy, but they can’t stop him from challenging her convictions, and the lies she’s been told about his people. But when the secrets surrounding her own missing memories begin to reveal themselves, he may be the only one she can trust.
“Huntress of the Star Empire” is a sci-fi romance series adventure. For more about the series, visit or sign up for the newsletter at


blog space excerpt

Just a dream…just a dream…

The inhibs burned bitter on her tongue. A small spot, just to the left of her tailbone burned where she thought—knew—that his cock had rested, pulsing and erect, while he pleasured her. Her skin remembered. But how could her body remember what never happened?

She stalked out of the cockpit, gulping in lungfuls of the cooler air in the corridor. Air scented with the chilly chemical tang of the atmo-scrubbers, rather than the heated musk of her own body. She stopped herself from slamming open the sliding door to the cargo hold—if he was still out, she didn’t want to wake him up. The only time a mindsnake wasn’t dangerous was when he was dead. But asleep would do, in this case.

Sure enough, he hung on the wall, sagging against the repulsor cuffs that held his wrists. His head drooped. Golden locks of hair fell down over his forehead, obscuring his eyes. He looked so peaceful. Harmless, really.

Before she could lose her nerve, she strode up to him and pulled the zipcord she’d used to secure his pants after the unfortunate accident. She’d prove to herself it was just a fevered imagining, brought on by a glimpse of something forbidden. And there it hung, sleeping peacefully, in a thatch of dark gold, wiry hair, nestled against his stones. Such a big deal to her imagination and such a…not-big deal up close. It was just a penis.

“A man’s penis is a tool for the transmission of seed to a fertile female womb.” The health video in her head began, displaying a holographic facsimile.

“This is the sceptre of the pleasure goddess, directing her will.” The feminine voice overrode the canned audio of the health vid.

She shook her head. Wherever that came from, she didn’t want to know. It’s just a penis. A body part. That’s all. It’s just…there. And limp.

And…leaning to the left.

A touch, almost like a fingertip-brush, shivered down the skin of her back. She whirled, but there was nothing there. Shaking her head, she turned back around to pull his pants back up. I don’t care if it is eight jumps. I’m getting back to Prime, collecting my bounty, and getting the hell away from—things that leaned to the left.

Reaching around put her in close contact with his legs, and she couldn’t help but notice the scent of cool, fresh water that seemed to cling to him. Maybe I’ll visit a water world, she thought. Swim in an ocean somewhere. She paused as she imagined a warm sea cradling her, tiny waves lapping at her skin.

“Like what you see?”

She started so violently at the quiet words that she flew backwards, landing on her ass with a rattle of the deckplates. A guilty glance upwards and she saw his eyes, bright blue-gray and gleaming from behind the fringe of hair that hung over his forehead. “You’re awake!” It came out like she was accusing him.

Her skin could have been on fire for the blush that burned her from inside out, all the way from toes to the roots of her hair. She was already warm from the cockpit—oh suns, don’t think of that!—and trying to return his pants to their proper state. This just made things that much worse all around.

“I usually prefer to be conscious when a lovely woman is that close to my private parts.”

She scowled. “You have no respect for the vice laws, do you?”

He met her glare with one of his own. “Why should I?”

“It’s virtue that keeps people safe,” she said, speaking along with the Voice that supplied the immediate answer in her head. “A prudent society is a secure society. Vice and temptation make citizens unsafe. Peace comes through restraint.” How much more simple did it have to be?

“So I shouldn’t be at all worried that you had something pleasurable in mind when you divested me of my pants.”

She blushed even harder, and fell back on her original reason for cutting his belt. “I was checking you for weapons.”

He threw his head back and laughed, exposing the long lines of his throat and jaw, and for one wild moment, she wanted very badly to kiss along the line of it, and maybe nip at the flutter where his pulse beat. He’d like that.

“I can assure you that my fiercest weapon is only that which you see before you,” he said, glancing down to meet her eyes. “And it brings only pleasure.” For a long moment she was caught in the loop of thinking about the taste of his skin over and over, seeing an afterimage of her own tongue flicking out and gliding over the salty scratchiness of his jaw.

“You unsheath it when you look at me like that.”

She stepped back. “Stop that.”

“Stop what?”

“Using your mindsnake tricks on me.” She turned away to hide her blush. His voice was too gentle when he murmured those words. To know she had an effect on him—it didn’t fit the equation! I’m the hunter. He’s the bounty. We’re enemies. He shouldn’t want anything more than to get far away from me. And I shouldn’t want anything more than to bring him back for justice. Pursuit and capture. The eventual triumph of the law over chaos. She activated the water dispenser and got herself a cup of cold water.

She turned back to him when she fought down her blush. Vice Hunters didn’t back down. They searched the depths of galactic depravity and rooted out the corruption that put the entire Union in danger. Vice Hunters didn’t flinch.

“My lady, I assure you, you’re in no danger from my ‘mindsnake tricks.’”

Her eyes jumped to the neuro-collar, and the little green LED that indicated that it was functioning properly. The neuro-collars were guaranteed to block psypath talents. She’d witnessed the tests herself.

His voice dropped an octave. “Or did you adorn me with a collar for another reason?”

Her fingers wrapped around the cup in a death grip.

He lowered still, to a whisper, so that she had to step closer to hear him. “Are you the type of lady who enjoys her partners helpless?” he asked. “I’m sure we could come to an…arrangement.”

The collar had to be malfunctioning. There was no way the images that flashed before her could come from her. She’d never done any of those things! Never stood naked before him and shoved him down on his knees among scented pillows. Or felt a white-hot thrill when he looked up at her, his shoulders straining from the elaborate ties that bound his hands behind him and his cock straining from the pleasure they both knew was imminent.

A loud crack split the air between them. She glanced down to see the front of his pants soaked through. It took a full thirty seconds, along with his, “Your hand,” for her to realize that she’d broken the plastiform cup, and launched the water in it everywhere.

In her mind’s eye, she saw herself stepping towards him. Throwing the cracked cup up into the air over her shoulder and pressing herself against him. Felt the dampness from the spill soaking his pants seep into her own clothing, echoing the damp between her legs. Of plastering her thighs to his, her belly to his pelvis, her breasts to his chest. Hunger rose in her, threatening to choke her with its force.

The cup flew into the air.


About the Author

#SFRMonday: In her crosshairs or her arms? THE CHASE by @Athena_Grayson #scifirom #boxsetAthena Grayson writes romantic fiction ranging from sci-fi romance to magical realism and contemporary fantasy. She loves to write characters who are more than they seem, and loves to play with beloved genre tropes in engaging and unique ways. She adores smart, sexy, beta heroes, and savvy heroines who aren’t afraid to demand–and get!–the best from their relationships. Underneath it all, she has a love of language and a deep respect for how words can uplift and transport us to a higher state of being, even if only for a few hours.

Her latest narrative adventure is a Sci-Fi romance weekly serial space opera. Written in part as an homage to all the science fiction books, movies, and TV that shaped her into the proud nerd that she is today, and in part to introduce the enduring thrill of romance into those adventures (combining her two great loves in fiction), “Huntress of the Star Empire” introduces new continuing episodes everyThursday, just like your favorite TV series.

Please visit her website at for more information on the series, her other fiction, and “narrative hacking” – finding the story in everything. You’re invited to sign up for her newsletter for news updates and release information.


Keeping it Sexy after their #1NightStand in AN ALIEN TO LOVE #MySexySaturday @DecadentPub

My Sexy SaturdayHello and welcome to the 99th week of My Sexy Saturday. Happy 4th of July to all of my American friends!

Here are the details: every Saturday, published and unpublished authors will be sharing 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published story.

Today’s theme is…


Here’s seven from AN ALIEN TO LOVE, a 99¢ 1Night Stand box set that just released, with five heroes from space. Enjoy!

Five HOT 1Night Stand stories with SEXY heroes from other planets in AN ALIEN TO LOVE by Jessica E. Subject

Set-up: All the stories in this box set take place over one night, a date the characters were set up on by Madame Eve, and maybe some friends. But, what happens when the evening is over? Here’s an inside look at what happened with Melinda and Cooper from Her Alien Hero

After their evening together, Cooper had returned home, leaving her to her long-neglected conference. He’d likely wake up and learn his date with Melinda had been nothing more than wishful thinking, his imagination on hyper drive.

As she opened her car door, Melinda smiled, her eyes lighting up like the sun. “Cooper! What are you doing here?”

“I, uh….” He dug his toe into the driveway. “I wanted to see you again.” He shoved the flowers toward her to try and end his awkwardness. The last thing he wanted was for her to think of him as a stalker. She had given him her address and told him to come over anytime.

“Thank you. They’re beautiful. I love roses.” She tucked the bouquet under her arm and began to fish through her purse. “I’ve got something for you, too.”

He angled closer as she continued to dig, setting some papers on top of her car and holding others between her teeth.

“Do you need some help?”

She pulled out a key and dumped everything else back into her handbag. “Nope, I’ve found it. Here you go.”

What’s the key for? Well, you’ll have to get the box set to find out. Heck, it’s only 99¢.


Five HOT 1Night Stand stories by Jessica E. Subject about sexy heroes from other planets.

What do a librarian, a nurse, a director’s assistant, a housekeeper, and an orphan have in common? They all end up spending an evening with a gorgeous stranger. But, will one night lead to more, or will the women end up running away when they learn their sexy suitor comes from another planet? Find out in these five sensual 1Night Stand stories by sci-fi romance author, Jessica E. Subject.

Contains: Celestial Seduction, Satin Sheets in Space, Another Night, Another Planet, His Alien Virgin, and Her Alien Hero

Available from:

Amazon US | UK | Canada | Australia | Germany

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It’s release day! Celebrate with me and AN ALIEN TO LOVE! #1NightStand #scifirom #giveaway

Happy Canada Day!Hello! It’s an exciting day for me, as I’m celebrating THREE things today. First, and foremost, it’s CANADA DAY! So, happy birthday to my country, and HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my Canadian peeps!

I’m also celebrating FOUR YEARS PUBLISHED. Woot! Celestial Seduction released July 1st, 2011, and I asked Decadent Publishing if they would put together a box set for me with some sexy alien heroes to help me celebrate.

So, I present to you…

Five HOT 1Night Stand stories with SEXY heroes from other planets in AN ALIEN TO LOVE by Jessica E. Subject

Five HOT 1Night Stand stories by Jessica E. Subject about sexy heroes from other planets.

What do a librarian, a nurse, a director’s assistant, a housekeeper, and an orphan have in common? They all end up spending an evening with a gorgeous stranger. But, will one night lead to more, or will the women end up running away when they learn their sexy suitor comes from another planet? Find out in these five sensual 1Night Stand stories by sci-fi romance author, Jessica E. Subject.

Contains: Celestial Seduction, Satin Sheets in Space, Another Night, Another Planet, His Alien Virgin, and Her Alien Hero

Available from

Amazon US | UK | Canada | Australia | Germany

All Romance | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo

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ISBN: 978-1-61333-845-2
Word Count: 55,000 words
Page Count: approx.141 pages

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