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Rescued by an alien on his motorbike. #1stChFriday from ALIEN ADORATION #scifirom #romance

It’s time for another First Chapter Friday where I share the first chapter or up to 1,500 words from a different story each week. Sometimes, the selection will have a sale attached to it, and other times a new release, or just because it’s a story I love. Happy reading!

The third book featured in First Chapter Friday is ALIEN ADORATION. This story is part of the my Alien Next Door series. The box set containing the entire Alien Next Door series plus two bonus stories is on sale for 99¢ through July 15, 2017. Enjoy!


by Jessica E. Subject

Chapter One

A car door slammed. Rachel flicked her eyes open, a flush of adrenaline racing through her body. Not again.

Even though common sense told her to go back to sleep, she slid off the bed and peered out the window. The driver of the red Camaro squealed the tires, tearing off down the street.

Rachel cursed the woman with long, bleached-blonde hair, tiny waist, and the biggest breasts she’d ever seen. Why did her neighbor go for women like that?

Stilettos and sports cars? They were all the same, reminding her she didn’t stand a chance with her neighbor.

Luke Jones.

Whether he wore his work clothes of jeans and a T-shirt that clung tight against his muscular body, or leather pants and a jacket when riding his motorcycle, he defined sexy, making every other guy seem drab. She licked her lips, thinking of him, the hero in every single one of her fantasies since moving in two years earlier, and obviously as the leading man for so many other women, bringing home several each month. Though not one of them ever returned for a second visit. They all left with a commotion, waking her in the middle of the night.

What she wouldn’t give to experience an evening with him. She rolled her eyes. No, never going to happen. Putting out on the first date led to one night stands. And sex on the second night didn’t hold much promise for a long-term relationship, based on her past experiences. One month of seeing Dirk Chambers, the grocery store manager, and she still hadn’t slept with him. Maybe if he didn’t wind up drunk on every single date, she might consider it. Though his suggestions of making out in the bathroom of the local pub, and in the back seat of his car did not appeal to her. So not how she wanted their first time together to be. Those places were fine for the second round of sex and beyond. But, for the first time, she wanted romance, to be swept off her feet.

She studied the water stain on her ceiling, visible by the light of the street lamp. Yet another thing she couldn’t afford to fix. If a man offered to fix her roof for her, she’d find that romantic, and break her first date rule. But did any guy know the meaning of romance anymore? Surely no one from Hanton. The small town boasted the highest rate of divorce in the province due to extramarital affairs. No one in town got married anymore, expecting all vows to be broken within the first year. Those of her classmates who’d been lucky enough to move away bragged of their success in both their marriages and their careers.

Rachel hadn’t had the chance to move away. Thankfully, the view next door didn’t hurt. Though he would never be more than a fantasy. She wanted a relationship, not a one-night stand.

Ready to return to her bed, she squinted at the glow of moonlight reflecting off her neighbor’s front screen door. She sucked in a breath, hoping to catch a glimpse of him to use as a happy thought before going to sleep.

He walked out to his LJ Construction truck in only flannel pants hanging low on his hips. Opening the door, he ducked inside, grabbing…something. Then he slammed the door behind him. The view provided plenty of inspiration for her fantasies, his back muscles just as appealing as his washboard abs. Her pussy clenched, and she craved the toy she hid in her nightstand drawer.

Luke reached for the handle, but turned around before he opened it. Something above her house caught his attention. An airplane? The moon? No, his focus was on her. Shit.

He lifted his hand and waved and without so much as a smile, he returned inside.

Her cheeks burned. God, he’d caught her gawking. Did he think she was spying on him? It’s not as if she gaped into his home. No one could with every window covered in heavy drapery at all times. It only added to his mysterious appeal.

She yanked her curtains closed and slipped back into bed, pulling the blankets over her head. The first time he noticed her, and she wore battered pajamas, her hair likely looking like a rat’s nest. Groaning, she turned onto her side, trying to ignore the queasiness in her stomach. In a couple hours for work, she had to get up for work. And the late night interruption meant an extra large black coffee in the morning, just to stay awake. Closing her eyes, she locked away the images of her neighbor’s bare chest for another night.


Luke rubbed the back of his neck. Rachel had seen him, glaring wide-eyed like she expected him to attack. Why did she keep her distance, never say hello? Did she remember him from years ago, or had she woken, disgusted with him because of the loud departure of another of the women he used to try and forget about her?

But he never could get her out of his head. From the moment he’d first met her, she’d implanted herself in his heart. She’d been so kind, so accepting. Now she stared at him from her bedroom, wouldn’t even talk to him. Over the years, she must have become afraid of him, of what he was. An alien.

He trudged up the stairs to his room where the red glow from the orb—his only connection to the world he came from—had finally faded. After dinner, he and Marnie had moved to the couch to get more comfortable. Then the light had appeared. And it grew brighter while she tried to seduce him. Even though he imagined his neighbor in her place, he could never give any woman what she wanted. A brick wall always stood between him and his dates. His neighbor. The unattainable woman. And he refused to stop his female companions as they stormed from his house, calling him a tease, among other names.

He flopped onto his bed. They were right. No one could ever replace Rachel in his heart, and he refused to try anymore. Until she told him outright she didn’t want him, he would never invite another woman over. But if she decided to accept an invitation to dinner, spend some time with him….

Smiling, he closed his eyes and visualized the possibilities.


Rachel covered her mouth, trying to hide her umpteenth yawn since arriving at work.

“I heard that,” her best friend, Christine Shaw, called from the cubicle next to hers. She appeared in front of her desk only seconds later. “Late night?” Her smile seemed to hold some hope. She probably waited for some juicy details to spread around the bank.

“No, the usual twilight awakening.” Though she wouldn’t tell her friend about the recurring dream that followed. No one needed to know about her delusions of extraterrestrials.

Christine’s smile faded. “Oh, another conquest leaving the home of your sexy neighbor. I don’t know why you don’t grab a piece of that action. I would if I had the chance.”

Her cheeks warmed. “I have a boyfriend.” But he didn’t compare to the man next door. No one could.

“Dirk?” Christine raised her eyebrows. “Yeah, like that’s going anywhere. I saw him talking to skanky Jenny Marshall, at the coffee shop this morning.”

Rachel clenched her jaw. As if he didn’t wait for her. “Jenny works there.”

“No.” Christine shook her head. “She had today off, and she went up to your boyfriend in her oh-so-flirty way, giggling, and running her hands all over him.”

Her stomach clenched and the green-eyed monster took hold. “What did he do?”

“Besides grinning like a friggin’ teenager and walking out with a hard-on? Nothing. But it’s only a matter of time. This is Hanton. I say dump him before he dumps you, or you find out he’s cheating.”

She shook with anger, her blood boiling. How could he do this to her? And with Jenny Marshall?

Sure, the relationship wouldn’t last forever, but being single again would lead to the entire town trying to set her up with someone else. Far worse than having a boyfriend with a wandering eye.


Luke fumbled with his collar then ran a hand through his damp hair. He felt naked without a ball cap or his helmet. But he remained determined. Tonight was the night he asked Rachel to dinner. And hopefully in a few hours, he would have her in his bed. Waltzing out the door, he caught a flash of red across the ceiling. Shit. He was a grown man. Why couldn’t he think about sex without the orb freaking out?

He shook it off, anxious to find out how his neighbor felt about him. Stepping off his porch, he glanced over at her house. A little run down, but nothing he couldn’t fix. If only she’d talk to him.

Out the door she flew, wearing a white frilly blouse and a super short black skirt. Into the arms of another man. Dirk Chambers, of all people.

Fuck! His resolve deflated. He hadn’t seen Dirk at her place in weeks. He thought they’d broken up afte seeing Jenny Marshall go down on him in the grocery store parking lot the other day.

His stomach twisted. He hated living in Hanton, needed to take her away from the town with no morals. Dirk traded groceries for sexual favors. How could Rachel have any interest in a skuzzy guy like him?

The image of her staring at him last night when Marnie left flashed through his mind. Did she think the same of him? How would she know he thought only of her during his dates? His actions were no better. Why had he waited so long? He should have dropped by the first day he moved in, instead of waiting two long years.

He stormed back inside to find the red light flashing around like an angry disco ball. The reaction of the orb fueled his frustration. Like he needed a reminder of his failure. The light grew even brighter. He cracked his knuckles. He had to get out of there. He shucked the button-down shirt and dropped it at the top of the stairs on the way to his room. Grabbing a sleeveless shirt and his reinforced riding jeans, he changed and bounded back down the stairs. He shrugged on his leather jacket and stumbled out the door.

Time to ride. Grasping a key from his pocket, he shoved it into the ignition of his Harley and started the engine. The rumbling underneath him that usually brought him peace only stirred his anger at himself and Dirk. He’d let the slimeball walk into Rachel’s life by not acting sooner.

Helmet on, he shuffled the bike backward to turn it around. With one last look next door, he tore out of his driveway and down the street. He had no destination, only the need to vanquish the image of his neighbor with another man from his mind.

He rode on, unable to stop wondering what she was up to with her date. Would he ever have a chance with her? When the first raindrops hit his visor, he checked his watch.

Fuck. Two hours had passed, and he’d failed to rid himself of his frustration. He turned into the nearest parking lot to double back when his head burst with pain. He braked then closed his eyes, willing an end to the agony. With such pressure pounding on his skull, he couldn’t drive any farther. But he had to return. Something was wrong with Rachel.


Rachel stepped out of the pub, one hand on Dirk’s waist and the other holding his arm around her shoulders. Weaving right then left, he dragged her with him across the rain-slicked parking lot. Why did she think the night would end any different than any other date?

He’d phoned her at the bank earlier in the day to ask her to dinner, helping to rein in her jealousy and get Christine off her back. Seeing him dressed in slacks and a button-down shirt, she hoped she might finally experience the romantic night she longed for. But by the time they’d finished eating, he slurred his words and couldn’t focus on anything. And she’d been left with the bill. Just like every other night. Now, she had to drive him home.

As they neared his car, he wobbled away from her, toward the back door. He grasped her hand and yanked her in behind him.

I don’t think so. Twisting and jerking away, she slipped on the pavement, falling in the vehicle with him.

“C’mon, baby. It’s about time we got down to business.”

About time she ditched him was more like it. Hands on his chest, she propped herself up. “Dirk, it’s not going to happen tonight. You’re drunk. I’ll drive you home and walk from your place.”

“I don’t think so.” He grabbed her wrists, spinning over top of her, holding her arms behind her back.

He ran his mouth along her neck, drooling more than kissing.

A shudder ran down her spine. Her dinner threatened to come up, but she swallowed it back down.

“You owe me, Rach. What’s it been? Like two weeks?”

Over a month, but who was counting?

“It’s about time you put out. I’ve been patient long enough.”

She struggled in his grasp, aiming to free at least an arm to punch him in the face. “I don’t owe you anything.” And when he sobered up, she would dump his sorry ass. “Now, let me go.”

He tightened his grip. How did he have so much strength after knocking back three pitchers of beer?

“I’m going to fuck you tonight whether you agree to it or not.”

Um, no. She wiggled even harder, managing to move her knee up enough to slam it into his balls.

“You bitch.” He shoved her back, tearing her blouse and yanking it off. “I’m so glad I’ve been fucking Jenny on the side. I was going to give her up once you put out, but now I don’t have to. We’re through.”

His admission stung like a slap to the face, but not enough to bring tears. Thank goodness all he got off was her shirt. She shimmied out of the back seat, anxious to get away. Far away. So what if she walked home topless in the rain. At least she was free of the leech.

Then she heard the giggles and turned to find an audience at the entrance to the pub, staring and pointing fingers. Yay. Now she would be the talk of the town for a day. Everyone could see her bra, and it happened to be white. She rushed across the parking lot. Her house only a few blocks away, she would rather walk home naked than deal with Dirk again.

A block from the pub, the rain changed from a gentle mist to big fat drops streaming from the sky, soaking her to the bone. Great, just great.

She shivered, wiping the water from her eyes. The walk would only take longer if she couldn’t see. Though she’d still make it home, knew the town like the back of her hand.

An engine rumbled behind her. She kept moving, pretending she didn’t hear. It could only be Dirk, or some other guy expecting to pick her up. Better to be drenched and alone than have to deal with drunken assholes.

“Need a lift?”

The voice was deep and masculine, one she didn’t hear very often, but would recognize anywhere. Luke. Wonderful! He wouldn’t talk to her before, but now that she was topless and sopping wet, he noticed her.

She circled slowly to stare at the leather-clad figure sitting atop his motorcycle. The visor of his helmet covered most of his face, leaving only his luscious lips and deep, jutting chin, covered in light stubble, exposed. What would they feel like against her lips? Between her legs? Her body tingled.

“Earth to Rachel. Do you need a lift, or should I leave you here in the pouring rain?”

Oh God, he knew her name. Since they’d never actually talked—she’d only heard him greeting his dates—her name on his lips came as a surprise. “Um, yes, I’d appreciate a ride.” On his Harley, and if she was lucky, in his bed. Anywhere. Her romance-first rule didn’t apply to him. He’d already seduced her plenty in her dreams.

Remaining on his bike, he yanked a helmet from his saddlebag and held it out to her. “What happened to your pretty blouse?”

Pretty blouse? He’d seen her earlier? “I….” Fluttering rolled through her stomach. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

She grabbed the helmet from him, fit it over her soaked hair, and buckled the chinstrap. Straddling the seat behind him, she fumbled with her hands, wondering where to place them, no bar behind her to hold on to. Oh, what it would be like to wrap her arms around him, lean against his wide back covered in leather. But what if he didn’t want her to touch him?

Luke pushed off from the curb. “I suggest you hold onto me or you’re going to fall off.”

The bike lurched forward with a roar. She clasped her hands around his waist, her fingers coming together temptingly close to his manhood, cheek pressed to his cowskin jacket. His deep chuckle reverberated across her skin.

“I told you to hang on.”

And she could lean on him forever. Being so close to him with pure raw power between her legs moved her better than any fantasy she had ever created. But what would happen when he took her home? Or would he invite her to his house instead?

She pressed her lips together. Sure, she wanted to know what lay under his tight pants, but she refused to be another conquest. She couldn’t handle it.

He drove into her driveway too soon, leaning the bike over enough for her to slip off. She removed the helmet and handed it back to him. “Thank you. I appreciate the ride.”

Tucking the helmet away, he nodded. “You want to come over for coffee?”

That and more. Though she refused to go anywhere in her state of disarray. “Um, no, I’m kind of wet.”

“Another time, then?”

She nodded. Shit, why did she say no? They could strip down together and have all kinds of fun. But he drove away before she had a chance to retract her words.

A ruined opportunity. Would she ever get another?

A sudden flash of lightning sent her running up her steps. Reaching behind the outside light, she grabbed her house key and unlocked the door. In the foyer, she plucked her loose change from her pocket and placed it on the table beside her purse. She stripped down to nothing then rushed up to her bedroom. Without thinking, she opened the curtains and glanced next door, hoping for another glimpse of her rescuer.

He stood on his porch. Grinning at her, he waved.

She fell to the floor, flat on her ass. Not only had she been topless behind him on the bike, but she’d just exposed herself to him. Everything. With her tall window, he must have seen her from her head all the way down to her knees where the sill cut her off.

Had he expected her to be there? Was he waiting to see what else she’d show off? Molten heat coursed through her veins. Her heart pounded. There was no way she could sleep tonight, not without self-fulfillment while imagining being ravaged by her sexy and mysterious neighbor.

Crawling onto the bed, she ducked underneath her covers, trailing her fingers down to her heat. With so much more inspiration, this promised to be her best fantasy yet.

About Alien Adoration:

Erotic dreams fill her with need…

Night after night, Rachel fantasizes about her sexy, playboy neighbor. But in her small town, no one changes, least of all the bad boy next door. But when Luke rescues her not once but twice from disastrous dates, she dares to believe her knight in black leather armor may be the right man for her after all.

Until she learns the truth…

Life on Earth has never been easy for Luke. Stranded as a little boy, he struggled to craft an existence for himself, but he never forgot the first human he met–and he never stopped wanting to see her again. Returning to Hanton, Luke longs for Rachel. Yet nothing goes as he plans, and Rachel barely notices him. Convincing her he isn’t like all the jerks she’s dated means telling her the truth, but can she handle it?

Can she overcome her fears, or will she deny her alien adoration and leave him stranded once more?

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Her ideal date is an alien. #1stChFriday from HER ALIEN HERO #scifirom #romance @DecadentPub

It’s time for another First Chapter Friday where I share the first chapter or up to 1,500 words from a different story each week. Sometimes, the selection will have a sale attached to it, and other times a new release, or just because it’s a story I love. Happy reading!

The second book featured in First Chapter Friday is Her Alien Hero. This story is part of the 1Night Stand line at Decadent Publishing. It is part of the AN ALIEN TO LOVE box set which is available for 99¢ until July 15. And it is set in the capital of Canada, my home an native land which is celebrating our 150th birthday on July 1st (tomorrow). Enjoy!


by Jessica E. Subject

Chapter One

Melinda Rose tossed a quarter into the gleaming-white marble fountain near the porte cochère. I wish to find my soul mate, the man I’m going to marry, in the next year. She’d waited long enough, dated men of all ages and races, but had yet to come across her forever man.

Her friends leaned forward and stared at her, Michelle bobbing her head up and down as if waiting for her to say something.

Tara bumped Melinda’s hip, almost knocking her into Michelle. “So…? What did you wish for?”

“A billion dollars.” No way would she tell them all she wanted was a guy to settle down with. According to her online friends, she reigned as queen of single women, the one who tossed men away like she held her own “guy card” and then wrote books about them the way composers wrote music about their relationships.

She could tell when a man wanted her for nothing but sex. They offered effusive compliments, and sneaked quick peeks at other women in case someone younger or skinnier came along. Often, she didn’t object to a night or two of raw, dirty sex—her stories needed some fresh inspiration—but she grew tired of the game. How long did she have to wait to locate her future husband, her very own hero? At thirty-five, she hadn’t even had a nibble on her line, not a single relationship with any promise. Yet, a couple of her friends already enjoyed life with their second and third husbands. She only asked for one.

“So you can travel the world and sleep with a man from every country?” Amber’s eyes lit up at the thought, the poor thing having lost her husband in a motorcycle accident less than a year before.

Melinda cringed inside. She didn’t want to be the friend her peers lived their fantasies vicariously through. Why couldn’t she unearth a guy to spend the rest of her life with? “Sure. I’ll definitely have to stock up on condoms before I go on that trip.” Though, if her wish came true, she could bring a man, the man, with her. She just had to stumble upon him first.

Sabrina, Tara, Michelle, and Lauren all tossed coins into the fountain. What wishes did they make? As a child, Melinda never would have guessed she’d be sharing her hopes and dreams with readers in stories. If only one of them would come true.

Melinda shrugged off her woes, ready to enjoy her first romance conference of the year. “Okay, are we all ready to check in?” Though, after driving four hours to meet her friends, some she’d never met except online, she yearned for the chance to crash on her bed for a few minutes of rest before the event began.

“Yes! Let’s get this party started!” Sabrina sashayed through the entrance of the hotel as if leading a parade. Thank goodness she’d roomed with Lauren again. Melinda didn’t know if she could handle Sabrina’s excess energy for an entire weekend. Sure, she enjoyed the social aspects of conferences, meeting readers in person as well as other authors she’d connected with online and connecting with new ones, too, but she liked her downtime.

At the check-in desk, Lauren—her ideal roommate and closest friend in the industry—sidled up beside her. “You ready for another?”

Melinda nodded, filled with a sudden excitement. “Always.” She’d met Lauren online through another author five years earlier, and while they lived hours away from each other, Melinda tried to meet up with her at least once a year at a conference.

After presenting her credit card, Melinda received key cards, passed one to Lauren, and headed toward the conference registration table, leaving her friends with their multitude of suitcases behind. She’d left her own in the car until she took care of all the registration details—the advantage of a con so close to home. After returning the valet cart to the lobby, she walked into her room and saw Lauren already rooting through her goodie bag on the other bed. Melinda removed her shoes and hung up her coat in the closet, already half-full with her roommate’s stuff.

“Hey, have you heard of 1Night Stand?” Lauren pointed to her laptop. “It’s a dating service run by someone named Madame Eve. I hear several authors attending the conference have dates using them this weekend.”

Melinda scoffed, tucking her luggage beside her bed. “Romance authors using a dating service? Seems weird, doesn’t it?”

Lauren shrugged. “Makes sense, though. Everyone here believes in soul mates and happily-ever-afters, right? Want to sign up?”

“Wait, what?” Lauren knew the type of guy she wanted and had been there to commiserate with Melinda through all her bad experiences with matchmaking sites in the past.

“C’mon. Sign up for a 1Night Stand. It’ll be fun.”

“No.” Melinda shook her head with vigor. “No way. I’ve had enough one-night stands in my life. You know that. I don’t need or want another. Ever.” She flopped back on the bed, trying to forget the sting of rejection at being kicked out of a warm bed at three o’clock in the morning and making the walk of shame to her car, or waking up alone. Worse yet, the guy who woke up beside her and didn’t even remember her name. She was done with it all. Done.

“But this is different.” Her friend tossed the paper at her. “It’s more like a blind date. The owner of the company chooses the guy you’ll go out with. No profiles to look at and no obscene messages from creeps.”

“Sounds too good to be true, if you ask me.” She’d been burned too many times trying new ways to meet men.

“Read the testimonials. From couples still together, many of them married shortly after their date.”

Melinda rolled her eyes. “Okay, so she got a few right, but how many mismatches did this woman make along the way? How many of her clients will tell you they ended up with an asshole? I don’t want to be an Oops, I got it wrong case.”

“C’mon, Mel, take a chance. I swear, if you don’t do this, I’ll do it for you. I’ve already started filling out my own application. I’m going to do yours next.”

With a sigh, Melinda read the testimonials on Lauren’s screen then reached down to grab her laptop case. Too good to be true, maybe, but Madame Eve did have a high success rate and had set up some very high-profile couples. “Fine, I’ll do it.” Besides, if she refused, Lauren would sign her up. She noted the cost of a 1Night Stand and didn’t want to be someone’s charity case, no matter how close they were.

Filling in the never-ending online form, she told almost truths, though she may have left a few pounds off her weight. And her height may have included her high heels. When asked to describe her ideal man, she paused. In every story she wrote, her hero came from outer space, as she didn’t believe any good single men still existed on Earth. Women who already knew what they wanted in life had snatched them up in their twenties without exception. If only she’d been ready to get hitched at that age.

A sexy, hard-working man from another planet.

There! Let Madame Eve find her a man who fit her bizarre description. She tabbed to the next question before she could delete her words.

Melinda rushed through the rest of the questions and submitted her application. She glanced over at Lauren. “You done yet?”

“Yep.” Her friend bounced on the bed, releasing a high-pitched squeal. “I can’t wait to meet the guy Madame Eve sets me up with.”

“Me, too,” she lied. Though she had no doubt extraterrestrials existed somewhere in the wide expanse of the universe, they didn’t live on Earth and, therefore, could not be found for a 1Night Stand. Especially at such short notice. Her application would be rejected, leaving her worry free about another blind date. No money out of her pocket, and Lauren wouldn’t be hounding her all weekend about applying.

Melinda’s email tab blinked to show a new message. Her stomach rolled when she read the sender. She clicked over and opened an email from the owner of the matchmaking service. “I got a confirmation of receipt. Did you?”

Lauren sighed. “Yes. I thought she had arranged a date for me already, but I guess I was hoping for a lot, eh?”

“Considering she probably has several applications come in each day with all of those high-profile testimonials, I doubt we’ll hear anything until after the weekend.” Hopefully never, in her case.

While logged in, Melinda checked the rest of her inbox, deleting row after row of unimportant emails, nothing to take her mind off the numerous possible creeps she might be set up with. If, in fact, the woman found her a date. Maybe Madame Eve would set her up with a man who believed he came from another planet, one obsessed with space, the kind of guy her parents thought she wanted. They’d sweetly bought her a ticket for Fan Expo in Toronto last August, encouraging her to meet one. Epic fail. Dressed as Agent Carter, she’d had a guy claiming to be Captain America, wearing a beer case around his chest, stalk her the entire day.

In her other social media, a fan had mentioned being excited to meet her, a big squee in front with plenty of exclamation points. Such messages brightened her mood. Reader excitement fed her own and kept her muse’s ego soothed. She sent a quick reply. @LindaReads Looking forward to meeting you. I’ll be a Mad Hatter tonight. Be sure to find me. About to log off, Melinda noticed another message appear in her inbox. From Madame Eve again.

“Hey, did you receive a second confirmation?”

Lauren turned toward her, the side of her face scrunched in confusion. “No, did you?”

“I…I think so. Maybe.” Though the subjects were different. Your 1Night Stand the subject of the second said rather than Confirmation of receipt of 1Night Stand application.

“Let me see.” Lauren leaped from her bed to Melinda’s, not touching the floor on the way over.

Melinda waved her fingers over the touch pad. “There’s no way she could have found me a match already, or even read through everything I wrote. Should I click on it? I mean, what if it’s spam or a virus—I would lose all my stories.”

“Open it!” Lauren perched behind her, peering over her shoulder. “You backed up all your work before you left home, remember? Maybe Madame Eve predicted your application would come in today and is a speed reader. Who knows? Please don’t keep me waiting any longer.”

Hand vibrating from nerves, Melinda brought the pointer to the message, clicked, and read.

Bonjour Melinda,
I’ve been waiting a great deal of time for your application. I’ve had the perfect man for you all along. You will meet him at seven tonight in room 316 for dinner and an evening filled with whatever activities you choose. I have attached his photograph so you will know who you are meeting.
Madame Eve

Melinda’s lunch threatened to make a reappearance. This is all wrong. Her date had to be someone who believed himself an alien. No one else would match the description of her ideal man. Thank goodness she had a reason to cancel. “It’s not going to work tonight. I am having dinner with all of you, with my readers. I spent a lot of money on my Mad Hatter costume.”

Gripping her shoulder, Lauren squeezed. “Yes, I know, but you are going to skip it. No way I’m letting you pass on this opportunity. Besides, I’m sure your fans would love to read about how you met your happily-ever-after guy at a conference.” She clicked on the attachment. “Let’s see what this guy looks like.”

As the picture popped up on screen, they gasped, Melinda in pure shock.

“He’s hot.” Lauren leaned closer to the computer. “Look at those muscles. And such a strong jaw…. Wow! I’m so jealous. Can I pretend I’m you tonight?”

Melinda squinted at the screen, a headache developing in her temples. He wasn’t at all the man she’d expected to be matched up with. Not even a guy she’d expected to see again. “I know him. He’s my…. Oh God, I know him.”

About Her Alien Hero:

Librarian by day, erotic romance author by night, Melinda Rose sets out for another exciting conference, this one in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. But all her plans go up in smoke when the 1Night Stand she applies for is set to happen at the same time.

Cooper Tate heads to Ottawa to meet a friend. When he learns of her deception, he is ready to head back home and vows never to trust her again. That is, until he sees a picture of his stunning date.

With the help of Madame Eve, can these two former neighbors become lovers? Or will extraterrestrial secrets rip away the hero Melinda has always dreamed of?

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