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My Sexy Saturday

Hello everyone! Today is the 39th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week we’re talking about bump n sexy. It’s all about the hard and fast sex that our characters decide they need. You know what we’re talking about…the hard and fast grind against a wall, on a counter or maybe even on a piano. There is nothing like those scenes that tell you the hero and heroine just can’t get enough of each other. Is it so rough and fast there’s little time to declare their feelings? At that moment, does it even matter how they feel?

Of course, it matters how they feel. We also need to know that these two are going to be together…at least for now but hopefully forever because we are romantics. We believe in the fact that there are couples who manage to make it a lifetime loving each other. But sometimes it is all about the hard and fast aspect of love and making love.

In honor of MADE FOR HER being mentioned on both USA Today and io9,
I’m going to share seven from the story.

Next week, I’ll share seven from my upcoming release, HIS ALIEN VIRGIN.

Made For Her by Jessica E. Subject - sci-fi military romance

Set-up: In this sci-fi military romance, Mikayla learns that not only did her husband create clones for use in the military, but he also clones himself. Because he resembles her last husband so much, she grew weak and slept with him, something that could ruin her career in the military. This scene takes place at a hotel during one of their secret meetings.

After dinner they washed the dishes together, something no other man she’d known offered to do. And another reason her love for him continued to grow.

He splashed water at her the entire time until her shirt and pants clung to her skin. “Thanks.” She willed a glare. “I’m going to have to change now.”

“How about we just leave them off?” His hands grazed her sides and then he lifted her arms into the air. Sliding her shirt off, he pushed her against the counter. His arousal pressed between the cheeks of her ass.

A new hunger raced through her body, Dare’s masculine scent whetting her appetite.

He spun her around to face him. “I want you.”

And she wouldn’t deny him. She craved him just as much.

Lifting her legs, he wrapped them around his waist then set her on the edge of the counter. “I’m going to take you right here.”

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