Without her nurse, she’d be a mess. #MWTease from ACCIDENTAL ROMANCE #NewAdult #romance

Hello! Thank you for visiting me for another Mid Week Tease! This week has been a sad one for the writers of Mid Week Tease, as we lost one of our own last week. Kathleen Grieve passed. She was not only a USA Today Bestselling Author, she was also a full-time flight and ICU nurse. So the nurses and doctors she wrote into her stories came from real-world experience. I first connected with her online back when we both participated in Six Sentence Sunday. I didn’t know her well, but we’ve been commenting on each other’s blog posts for years. I hope you’ll take the time to visit her website and check out her books.

For today’s tease, I thought I’d share one from Accidental Romance where Leanne is talking to her nurse on the day she is ready to leave the hospital after losing her hand.

Setup: Leanne lost her hand in a grain auger accident. It was Jake who came to her rescue, preventing a worse injury, or even death.

“Hey, Leanne.” Her nurse, Tory, scurried into the room. “Ready to go home today?”

She groaned. As much as she wanted out of the hospital—three days of horrible food and little sleep was long enough—she didn’t feel prepared to face her new life. “Are you coming home with me?”

Tory chuckled. “I wish. I’d take a hundred patients like you any day. But I’m sure you’re anxious to be out in the real world with your family and friends.”

Not at all. Relying on others every minute of the day held no appeal, yet she hoped someone would always be around. Just in case.

A nurse would visit daily to check her wounds and change her dressing until her nub had healed completely, but otherwise she’d need her mother or someone else to help her for the rest of her life.

And she’d go stir crazy at home. What the hell was she supposed to do now? She would be good for nothing out in the country. She didn’t want to move to the city to make a living, but even if she did, where would she find work anyway? She’d need to be whole to get even minimum wage jobs. No one would hire her.

“Why don’t you get dressed? I’ll change your bandages after the doctor takes one last look at your arm.”

She nodded. Though getting dressed wasn’t as easy as she expected. Tory helped her do up snaps and held arm holes open. Otherwise, she might have ended up in a tangled mess. What would happen after she left the hospital?

After her nurse exited the room, she managed to swallow her breakfast of tasteless eggs and toast. While she waited for her ride, her nurse gave her enough pain medication for the rest of the day, with a prescription for more. And reminded her that in two weeks, she had a follow-up appointment with her surgeon. Yet, she sat on the bed, hoping she’d been forgotten, wishing she could have one more day in the hospital before having to face her new reality.

Within minutes, Tory popped back into her room with a wheelchair. “Your ride’s here, and he’s a handsome one. You’re a lucky girl.”

Lucky? Her mother was supposed to pick her up. Who was taking her home?

She released a heavy breath as Jake strolled in. Great! Now she was a burden to him, as well. “What are you doing here?”

Raising his eyebrows, he smirked. “Nice to see you, too. Your parents have an appointment with the insurance agent and asked me to pick you up. Is that all right with you, LA?”

Back to his smart-ass self. At least she knew how to act around this guy. “Well, if you’re my last resort, then I guess I’m going to have to deal with it. But don’t expect me to be grateful or anything.”

“Nice to have my girl back.”

His girl? Um, no. The only person she’d ever expect to call her that was her father, but he called her sweetheart. She didn’t belong to Jake. She shook her head and brushed off the comment. There were so many other things for her to worry about.

She hugged Tory on her way out. “Thanks for everything.”

“Not a problem, honey. You take care of yourself.”

She sighed. If only she could. Seizing her bag, she headed for the door, the portal to an unfamiliar life.


Her plans changed in an instant…

Once finished college, Leanne intended to take over her family dairy farm, let her father retire and finally take a vacation. After one tragic night, her dreams go up in smoke. She loses the ability to do the most basic of things.

And brought him closer…

Jake, the farm hand who lives down the road, refuses to let Leanne give up on her goals. He remains by her side throughout her healing. But, when he confesses his true intentions, their friendship takes a drastic turn.

If only she’d known before she lost her arm.

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  1. This tease was so full of emotion. I could definitely feel her anxiety about having to re-adjust her life due to the accident. i could also relate to the wanting to go home but also not wanting to leave the hospital – every time I had one of my kids. The hospital was awful, but I was so scared to be home and be left with a newborn.
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    1. Thanks Siren! I felt the same way when I was in the hospital having my children. It was a beautiful private room, but I wanted to go home. I did get to go home faster with the second, thank goodness.

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