Accidental Romance

Accidental Romance, a New Adult Western Romance by Jessica E. Subject

New Adult Western Romance

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Accidental Romance blurb:

Her plans changed in an instant…

Once finished college, Leanne intended to take over her family dairy farm, let her father retire and finally take a vacation. After one tragic night, her dreams go up in smoke. She loses the ability to do the most basic of things.

And brought him closer…

Jake, the farm hand who lives down the road, refuses to let Leanne give up on her goals. He remains by her side throughout her healing. But, when he confesses his true intentions, their friendship takes a drastic turn.

If only she’d known before she lost her arm.

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“We broke up Saturday night, before my…accident,” she said. “I want to remove him from my contact list.”

Tina handed the instrument to her and Leanne thumbed through her contacts to find Scott’s number. With the press of the delete button and the resulting beep, she erased him from her life forever.

Tina gathered her in a hug, rubbing her back. “I’m sorry.”

She reveled in the fact her friend didn’t say I told you so or tell her she deserved better. Tina was simply there, everything she needed at the moment. Loosening her grip, Leanne took a deep breath and leaned back on the bed. “Thank you for being here. And thanks for not being put off by the fact I’m no longer whole.”

“Why would I be anywhere else?” Tina gripped her arm again. “You’re still the same person. So what if you’re one hand less.” A tear trickled down her cheek. “Anyone who can’t see you’re still the same beautiful Leanne is an ass.”

“I agree.”

Leanne turned her head toward the doorway at the sound of the familiar husky voice. But the sight was not what she was used to at all. Instead of his dirty and smelly farm coveralls, Jake had on a T-shirt that stretched across his ripped chest, and his blue jeans hugged all the right places. He’d left the ball cap somewhere else, revealing the wave in his dark brown hair. When had he grown up from the teen she remembered in high school? His blue eyes were fixed on her as if she’d disappear if he glanced away.

But she wasn’t going anywhere. He might have saved her life, but she’d never be the same. Her dream of taking over the farm was shattered. She’d never work by his side again.

blog reviews 2016

“This New Adult novella is realistic and touching.”
Haley @ DRC Promotions – December 15, 2015

“Of all Subject’s work I think this is the best… I definitely recommend Accidental Romance for anyone wanting a sexy, heartwarming, slightly old-fashioned love story. I loved it.”
Tracy Riva’s Books & Reviews – June 1, 2013

“So’s heartbreaking.”
Jennifer Wadkins @ Julie’s Book Review – May 24, 2013

“Looking for a story that will tug on your heart strings – this is it.”
Books, Books & More Books – March 4, 2013

“We need more books like this in the world”
Book Babe (Tara Chevrestt) – February 25, 2013

“ACCIDENTAL ROMANCE – THE CHALLENGE SERIES is one outstanding novel.  Jake and Leanne are characters that you can easily fall in love with.”
Romance Junkies – February 3, 2013


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