#NewRelease ~ It Took a Zombie Apocalypse (to get them together) #romance #scifirom

Hello! I’m excited to announce that It Took a Zombie Apocalypse is now available. This story is a romance that takes place in a small town between an interracial couple during a zombie apocalypse. Not an ideal time to fall for someone, but love doesn’t seem to care.


It started with a kiss.

Then the zombies came. Now, Missy must work with the neighbor her parents hate if she wants to survive. But zombies aren’t the only threat to her life, or her heart.

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“You wanna get out of here?” RJ jerked his thumb over his shoulder, anxious to be long gone before Missy’s father arrived. He’d had enough run-ins with the man over the years, for things like taking the garbage out too early, not cutting the grass often enough, and for parking on the road. Simple things, teaching him to avoid the man at all costs. How would he react when he found out RJ had kissed his daughter?

“Yes.” Missy grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the park entrance, their houses only two blocks from there.

They raced across the grass when a roar erupted from the crowd. Missy paused, jerking him to a halt. Had her father reacted that poorly? Then came the screams. People scattered, racing in every direction around them, while others fell to the ground, trampled by those fleeing the park.

RJ focused on their destination and ran faster, not letting go of Missy. His phone vibrated in his pocket, but he refused to stop. Not when he feared the worst. Someone had a gun.

He raced up the steps to his front porch where he finally paused to catch his breath and fish for his key in his shorts. They were probably the only ones who locked their house in the entire town, but previous encounters proved it necessary.

With a shaky hand, he slid the key into the lock. He was already pushing on the door when the lock clicked open. Missy rushed inside without any hesitation. After slamming the door shut again, he locked it then dared a peek outside. No one. They were safe. At least for now.

Missy touched his arm. “What do you think happened?”

He turned from the window and noticed the fear in her eyes. “I don’t know. But it’s best we stay here until everything is settled.”

His phone vibrated again, reminding him he had a message. No one in West Vitula had his number except his father. And all his friends back at Fielding University knew he wasn’t around for the summer.

He pulled out his cell and saw the text from his dad. Had those injured in the park arrived at the hospital? Did he know what had triggered the stampede?

RJ pressed on the text and read….

Contagion arrived from Ostrander.
Spread through the hospital.
Stay in bunker.
I’m infected.

Zombies? He dropped his phone and stared at it on the floor, expecting it to explode. Zombies didn’t exist. He was in some kind of dream. Had to be. Missy actually had come home for the summer. And kissed him. Now, zombies.

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