Spying on the SEXY ALIENS ~ #MySexySaturday from THE STAR PRINCESS #99cents #scifiromance

My Sexy Saturday

Thank you all for joining me for week 68 of My Sexy Saturday!

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Here’s another seven from THE STAR PRINCESS,
which is set to release November 18, 2014. Enjoy!

The Star Princess by Jessica E. Subject

Set-up: Princess Ro’sa is hiding in the bushes with her friend to spy on the prince as he arrives on her planet. They see the prince, and then someone else.

Before Ro’sa had a chance to respond, another man stepped out of the shuttle and slapped the prince’s on the back.

Ka’lyn shifted beside her. “Who’s that?”

“His personal servant?” She’d been told the prince would arrive with his own entourage. “Maybe a friend?” Would a servant be allowed to touch royalty? On Minjet, yes, but she’d been told the line between royalty and commoners was much more defined on Earth. At least before the last war.

“He’s cute, too. A stronger jaw, and look at those full lips. Imagine what they’d be like to kiss, how they’d feel on your breasts and between your legs.”

“Would you stop!” Ro’sa covered her mouth. Her words had come out much louder than she’d intended as she focused on the images her friend had planted in her head.

Ka’lyn poked her arm. “He’s looking this way.” Ro’sa glanced at the shuttle platform and found the man’s gaze fixed on her. He leaned over the railing before racing down the stairs.

Busted. “He saw us. Run!” Ro’sa bolted in a zigzag around the trees, staying off the path. If the prince’s friend had seen her, had her betrothed? Would he still want to marry her if he’d caught her spying? She didn’t want to disappoint her parents, after all they’d done to arrange the union, or delay her meeting with the prince.


In one week, Princess Ro’sa will board a spaceship, leaving her home on Minjet to be with her betrothed on Earth. The only problem is, she detests the prince’s selfish and arrogant ways, preferring to spend time with his personal aide, a man who stirs her desires in ways she never imagined possible with his radiant blue eyes and smouldering lips. And oh, the way he touches her.

Earth’s post-apocalyptic landscape offers little but the alliance offers much and a princess must do her duty, no matter the danger to her person and to her heart.


Pre-order sale! Only 99¢ for a limited time at Amazon.com

Also available for pre-order from:

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He can see into the future ~ SNAPSHOTS by Patricia Lynne @plynne_writes #BBFSpecFic #giveaway

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Hello, it’s the final day of Blogger Book Fair. All books featured are available for FREE or 99¢. Plus, there is $100 in gift cards to be won. This week has been focused on Speculative Fiction, and for day five, I’m featuring Patricia Lynne. I hope you’ve enjoyed Blogger Book Fair!



Science Fiction | Young Adult

Snapshots by Patricia LynneIt’s said the eyes are the windows to the soul, but that’s a lie. They are snapshots of a time yet to come–the future of the person to which they belong.

Cyclop Blaine stands out in a crowd with his pale skin and mismatched eyes, but it’s his ability to see the future that really sets him apart. The unusual gift makes him an invaluable asset to Tyler, his adoptive father and leader of the Victory Street Gang. It also means Cyclop must hide what he can do from others. Once, a man he knew only as Master controlled him, using him for experiments. Cyclop has no desire to return to that life.

But he may have no choice. A man claiming ownership over him haunts his dreams and waking moments, leaving him no choice but to go back to the past he thought he had escaped. Cyclop must face this man, along with his past, if he wants to reveal his own future.

Only 99¢ from: Amazon | Other Formats


blog space excerpt

The sound of my fists smacking the punching bag echoed through the empty gym. Each blow sent the bag swinging like a pendulum. James Tyson, a hulking mass of muscle who owned the building, circled me, scowling as he watched.

“Back off. You’re going to break it,” he ordered, placing one thick hand against the punching bag and stilling it. He pinned me with a glare not meant to intimidate or scold, but press the importance of his words. He was the only person outside of Tyler’s close circle to know about my ability, as well as my strength and speed. Every day he worked with me, helping me understand my body so I could learn to keep myself in check and not accidentally hurt someone. “You’re slipping. Remember, you are the master of your body. This is your gift. Control it.”

I nodded, took a deep breath, and resumed my workout. A fine sheen of sweat covered me, my muscles were loose and limber, and my heart pumped steadily. I let myself fall into the sound my fists made, listening only for James’s command. When he finally gave the okay to stop, I pulled my left fist back, letting my strength loose and hitting the punching bag with everything I had. The chain snapped and it flew through the air, landing on the other side of the room.

James’s laughter boomed across the gym. “I expect you to pick that up so I can rehang it. Again.”

I grinned sheepishly.

Twenty minutes later, the punching bag hung from a shiny, new chain and I was free to hit the shower. Jaden was waiting on the gym front steps with his two brothers, Marcel and Terrance. Our gazes danced carefully as I held my hand out to help my cousin to his feet. I wasn’t as lucky when I turned to Marcel. Images rushed over me like a stampede.

Marcel next to a young woman in a hospital bed.

Doctors and nurses surrounding them.

A little being wrapped in blue.

“Cyc, you okay, man?” Marcel’s voice cut into the visions.

I tore my gaze away and pressed my hands to my forehead, Pain buzzed, but it was a tolerable, dull throb. “Yeah, I’m a good. Just a little tired from my workout. Let’s go.”


Interesting Information about Snapshots

When I got the mock up for the cover, I walked across the room to make sure the title was readable and the cover just looked creepy! I moved closer and the creepy looked seemed to vanish. It was perfect! In the story, the main character has an odd appearance that gets him stared at, so the creepy look of the cover from afar was an accurate portrayal of my main character.


When did you start writing?

I forget the date because I wasn’t paying attention. Writing was just a fun thing I started to pass some time. Publishing was the farthest thing from my mind. Then I wrote a story I thought others would enjoy reading and began researching publishing. In 2011, I decided to self publish my first book, Being Human. Haven’t stopped writing since.

What inspires your writing?

I’m not sure. Random ideas pop into my head at the oddest times, but I do know reading motivates me to get the words on the page. I’ve had friends say dreams inspires their writing, but trust me, you don’t want me to write about my dreams. They are crazy!

What is the best part about being a writer?

The creativity. I’ve always been creative, music and art in high school, I make jewelry and knit. I love how writing allows me to express myself, to make new worlds or take common myths and give them a fun twist.


About the Author

Patricia LynneMy obsession with creativity started with art. Inspired by my grandpa’s oil paintings, I began drawing. Throughout high school, art was my favorite class. In fact, when it came to writing, I didn’t think I was good at it. A college essay seemed to agree.

On a whim and bored one day, I started writing a story bouncing in my head. Riddled with plot holes, I didn’t care. It was for fun. After that story, I began writing more until I came to the idea for Being Human. The story struck me as one other people might enjoy, so I began taking writing seriously, researching how to improve, and editing. My art days are behind me, but that’s okay because a new creative pleasure has consumed my life.

I currently live in Upper Michigan with my husband, enjoy dying my hair the color of the rainbow, and hope to have what resembles a small petting zoo one day. When I’m not writing or at the day job, I’m goofing off on Twitter, or reading about serial killers.


Website | Twitter


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She lived only for vengeance ~ THE ENCLAVE by @HMClarkeAuthor #BBFSpecFic #giveaway

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Hello, it’s day 4 of Blogger Book Fair. All books featured will be available for FREE or 99¢. Plus, there is $100 in gift cards to be won. This week is focused on Speculative Fiction, and today I’m featuring H.M. Clarke. Enjoy!


The Enclave

(The Verge #1)

Science Fiction | Adult

The Enclave by HM ClarkeKatherine Kirk lived only for vengeance.

Vengeance against the man who destroyed her home, her family and her life.

Sent on a babysitting mission to Junter 3, RAN officer Katherine Kirk, finds herself quickly embroiled in the politics between the New Holland Government and the Val Myran refugees claiming asylum.

After an Alliance attack Kirk and her team hunt the enemy down and discover that they have finally found the lair of the man they have been searching for…

And the captive who has been waiting patiently for rescue.

“What would you do to the man who destroyed every important person in your life?”

Available from: Amazon


blog space excerpt

Here is a small Excerpt from my book THE ENCLAVE. I hope you enjoy it.

Gunfire flew from the cars behind and Katherine turned tail and leapt up the stairs. Joshua was crouched waiting at the top of the last tier and had managed to get hold of a pistol. Around them the NHSIO security from the front foyer was now positioned around the portico columns and returning fire to the attackers below. The defenders controlled the high ground and the people in those cars had no hope of getting them now.

So why were they still attacking?

Katherine dragged Josh away from the stairs back into the foyer as more security personnel streamed passed them. No one spared them much of a glance but Katherine did not care. Something was not right. Inexperience (or stupidity), would be the only reason someone would even consider committing to a frontal assault on Federation House. The place was just too well protected.

“Are they Alliance Katherine?” Josh asked as she checked the magazine on her pistol. Thirty HC rounds remaining. Hopefully it would do.

“The Alliance isn’t this stupid,” she shouted over the sound of fresh gunfire. But I would bet a year’s pay that they are involved somehow. “Whoever they are; I think we should retreat back to my brother’s office. At least I can guarantee that we’ll be well defended there if anything untoward happens.”

Joshua nodded. Katherine then noted the ease with which he held his weapon. “You’ve had weapons training?”

“I served with the Alliance Infantry. Every citizen owes three years service.”

Katherine nodded impressed. Leading families were known for finding loopholes to stop their members from meeting their obligations. Nice to see the Val Myrans did not use it. “Then you can cover my back.”

Both entered the stairwell at a run; taking the lifts would have been risky if the power went; and climbed several flights before Katherine was sure they were on the right floor. As they climbed Katherine open a comm link to the Adelaide.

Adelaide do you read me?” no one answered her and Katherine repeated herself another three times. “Come on damn you – somebody talk to me!” she half shouted as they reached the landing she wanted.

‘Skipper?’ A burst of static broke over the comm unit.

“Sue, is that you?” Abruptly the static disappeared and the musical voice of Susan Mayer came over the wire.

‘-interference is shocking, like someone is jamming-‘

“Sue, is Steve on the bridge?” Katherine cut across her.

‘Yes Ma’am.’

There was a click and then Steven Tran’s voice came over the link.


“Steve, I want you and two squads to suit up and get your arses over to Federation House ASAP. We are under heavy fire and I think the idiots outside will break off if they see some extra persuasion coming up behind them.”

There was a pause and then, ‘Yes Ma’am,’ and the link went silent as Steve cut his connection. “Sue, has Tom returned to the ship?” Katherine asked hoping for an affirmative but knowing that not enough time had gone by since he had left from lunch.

‘No ma’am’

‘Katherine?’ A new voice cut into the line.

“Richard? I thought you were taking shore leave – it doesn’t matter. We’ve got an incident here and I’m afraid that it might splash over to the Adelaide. Steve is bringing two squads here to me and I want whatever personnel remaining on board to protect the ship and the port in that order.”

‘How bad is it Kath?’ Richard asked.

“Ask me again in another hour, I might have an answer by then.” She cut the connection and turned to Joshua. She may be overreacting but there was something in her gut telling her that she was right. But first they both had to get back to John’s office.


“Ready.” Joshua’s voice was firm and there was a look in his eyes that Katherine recognized, she had seen it enough times in her own crew when the situation was tight.

She palmed the stairwell door open and checked that the corridor was clear, then she and Joshua came out, pistols raised to line of sight. They moved down the empty corridors seeing nothing out of place except for the obvious signs of a hurried evacuation of office personnel.

“They wouldn’t be able to penetrate this far into the building?” Joshua flexed his fingers over the grip on his handgun.

“Not from the frontal assault, but I have a bad feel-”

Katherine stopped speaking as the sounds of gunfire echoed down the corridor ahead of them.


Interesting Information about The Enclave

The Enclave is a story of Vengeance with a Capital V!

But on a more serious note.

This book was written a decade ago when there was the uproar in Australia about refugees coming into Australia illegally via boat to gain asylum status and how this sensitive issue was twisted to suit political election needs at the time by both major parties.

Because of this I decided to put the issues of refugees as a background story into the Science Fiction manuscript I was writing at the time.  And I think my MS benefited greatly from the addition.

Even thought this story was originally written in 2004, this issue is still a burning topic in Australia, and in most other parts of the world, today.  I do not consider myself a refugee advocate, but I do believe in people’s (and children’s) fundamental human right to be treated as a person and not a criminal.


About the Author

HM ClarkeIn a former life, H M Clarke has been a Console Operator, an ICT Project Manager, Public Servant, Paper Shuffler and an Accountant (the last being the most exciting.)

She attended Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia, where she studied for a Bachelor of Science (Chem), and also picked up a Diploma in Project Management while working for the South Australian Department of Justice.

In her spare time, she likes to lay on the couch and watch TV, garden, draw, read, and tell ALL her family what wonderful human beings they are.

She keeps threatening to go out and get a real job (Cheesecake Test Taster sounds good) and intends to retire somewhere warm and dry – like the middle of the Simpson Desert. For the time being however, she lives in Ohio and dreams about being warm…

She is also a bit of a video game nerd and, is into Star Trek, Midsomer Murders and Harry Potter, and she absolutely adores the TV show Almost Human.


Website | Twitter | Facebook


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Nothing will ever be the same ~ FRIENDS WITH WINGS by Michelle Murrain @PearlBear #BBFSpecFic

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Hello, welcome to day 3 of Blogger Book Fair. All books featured will be available for FREE or 99¢. Plus, there is $100 in gift cards to be won. This week is focused on Speculative Fiction, and today I’m featuring Michelle Murrain. Enjoy!


Friends with Wings

Science Fiction | Adult

Friends With Wings by Michelle MurrainThe year is 2102, the earth is in crisis, and Trina, a gutsy young woman from a poor family, is forced to sell herself into slavery to pay off her family’s debt. To her surprise, she ends up being sent into space to help colonize a star. Her future seems bright until crisis strikes the colony – leaving Trina the only human being left alive on Planet Johannes. Another spaceship is slated to arrive in a decade, but how will Trina survive alone for ten years? And even if she does, how can she keep the next colony from meeting the same fate? The answers to these questions show up in the form of “friends with wings.” Once Trina meets the Eeriv, nothing will ever be the same.

Only 99¢ from: Amazon | Other Formats

When did you start writing?
In 2006. I had gone back to school, and decided to take a summer off. The novel that had been kicking around in my head for years decided to make its way out into the world.

What inspires your writing?
The past, the present, the possible future.

What is the best part about being a writer?
Getting to tell intriguing, inspiring stories.

Is there something special or unique about you or your book you’d like to tell us about?
I love to write strong diverse characters. I love to explore assumptions of our culture and science. And I love to explore the intersections of science and spirituality.

About the Author

Michelle MurrainI have been writing science fiction since 2006, and have been an avid reader and fan of science fiction since I started to read. Since I have been both a scientist and a technologist by trade, and as a polymath, my interests span a wide range of topics, including science, technology, history, culture, politics, race, gender, sexuality, philosophy, spirituality, and religion. I bring all of these to bear in my science fiction writing, which has strong elements of exploration of all of these topics. I specialize in stories of culture clash and/or first contact, and has numerous strong female protagonists and characters, as well as a lot of diverse characters. I have a philosophical approach to publishing my work – everything is licensed via Creative Commons – freely sharable and modifiable. Learn more at http://author.murrain.net


Website | Twitter | Facebook


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