Prince Aris can’t get her out of his mind ~ AN UNEXPECTED RETURN #MySexySaturday #99cents

My Sexy Saturday

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining me for the 43rd week of My Sexy Saturday.

Have you ever read about a character that exudes sexy? You know the ones. The ones who think they’re plain or can’t understand what the hero or heroine sees in them. The ones that make our hearts flutter and gives us a reason to keep reading. Sure, there are tons of characters who are okay with their sexuality but there are just as many who don’t get what others see in them.

This week we’re sharing those characters who are doing sexy and don’t realize it. Every character has to appeal to readers and each are different in oh so many ways. We’re showing us the characters that make our hearts sing as they go on their journey of discovery about themselves and those they love.

This week, I’m sharing seven from AN UNEXPECTED RETURN which is TWO this month and ON SALE for only $0.99.

An Unexpected Return by Jessica E. Subject

Set-up: In this erotic sci-fi romance, Prince Aris meets his Adamos (person trained in the pleasure arts). She is the same woman he met earlier in the day and couldn’t get out of his head.

She gazed down at her feet. “This is my first appointment. I…I’m not used to kissing and all that.”

A beautiful woman like her had never been kissed before, and on Elatia of all places? How was that possible? “You can take the lead then. But join me on the bed.”

She stiffened, as if becoming distant. “We’ll start on the massage table for the standard rubdown, sir. We’ll move to the bed later in the night.”

Oh yes they would, and there he’d turn the tides, take control of the night and escort her into the land of oblivion. He need only wait for her to let her guard down.

At the table, he dropped his robe to the ground, ensuring Xia had a full-frontal view.
What would she think of him? Was she disgusted by his Otarian form?

His abnormal self-consciousness helped to calm his raging hard-on, but his mind kept returning to Xia. He needed to touch her again, taste her, be in her. Finally, he’d found a woman he hungered for, rather than one he’d simply use as a means to an end. But was the feeling simply a by-product of the eletin added to the water of this planet and infused into the hotel’s ventilation system? He lay down, cringing in the process. This was going to be a long night.


Looking to experience all the universe has to offer, Prince Aristides escapes from the kingdom of Tyto and travels through space to the Emerald Planet, Elatia. He yearns to partake in the activities the planet is famous for, and fulfill all his sexual desires, but loses his heart and soul to an Adamos apprentice. Unfortunately, she is Terran, and her people are sworn enemies of those from Tyto. If he can convince Xia to give up her dreams of becoming an Adamos, and travel back to Tyto with him, will his parents accept her, or condemn them both?

Abandoned as a toddler on Elatia, and raised by Kalara, an Adamos specializing in erotic massage, Xia decides to follow in her footsteps. But she remains conflicted as to whether she wants to service clients for the rest of her life, or settle down and raise a family. When she meets Aris, he turns the tables on her, and brings her as much pleasure as she gives him.

Will they have their chance to be together, or will their families tear them away from any chance of young love?

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