Review of The Consultant by Claude Bouchard

Claude Bouchard was one of my early followers on Twitter back when I joined in February, and since then, I have read two of his books. In October, I finished The Consultant, the second in his Barry/McCall series.

From Smashwords:

WARNING: Do not read this book until you have read ‘Vigilante’. Consider yourself warned!! Murderers, drug lords, biker gangs, kidnappers… None stand a chance against… The Consultant.

I agree. If you have not read Vigilante, you should do so now before reading The Consultant, but that doesn’t stop you from reading my review.

In The Consultant, Chris Barry is back and better than ever. He has shucked his high-salaried position with CSS Inc., anxious to live out his early retirement. Before he can enjoy the perks though, Chris is approached with the offer of a contract position with a top secret government organization within the Ministry of Defense. Their leader, Jonathan Adley knows of Chris’ past, but leaves the decision of whether to accept the position up to Chris. Of course, Chris accepts and delves right in to his new position and uses his special skills to reveal the mystery behind the death of one of the chief officers at Quality Imports.

The Consultant is a quick-read with some great new characters and the wonderful old ones. Without overwhelming the reader with description, Claude easily pulls the reader into Chris Barry’s life. The short chapters help to build suspense, and made it easy for me to say, “okay, I’ll read just one more chapter,” over and over.

If you enjoy reading thrillers, check out The Consultant, but be sure to read Vigilante first.

The Consultant is available from Smashwords,, and as a duo with Vigilante from and

Now next Tuesday, I will be posting my interview with Claude Bouchard, but I decided to share with you some of the questions and answers relating to The Consultant.

Who would you choose to play Chris Barry if any book from the Barry/McCall series were made into a movie?

CB: Back when I started the series in 1995, I thought Matthew McConaughey might fit the bill. Maybe he still would.

Now this series is known as the Barry/McCall series, but Dave McCall took a back seat in The Consultant. Does he come back to the forefront in the following books in the series?

CB: No worries. Dave McCall is quite present in both Mind Games and The Homeless Killer.

In The Consultant, you introduce other characters such as RCMP (Officer) Nick Sharp and Jonathan Adley. Are they featured in upcoming books in the series?

CB: Jonathan Addley is a main character in both Mind Games and The Homeless Killer. Nick Sharp is not but is bound to show up in future works in the series just as François Duguay of the Quebec Provincial Police from The Consultant is featured in my current 6 Hours 42 Minutes.

Can you tell us more about Jonathan Adley and his career?

CB: Considering the position which Jonathan Addley holds with the Ministry of Defence, you must understand that any information regarding his career is on a “need to know” basis only. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt by prying, Jessica. 🙂

Remember to come back next week for the rest of the interview.

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