Second Chance Book Tour: Interview with author Debbie Gould & Giveaway!!

I’m very excited to have fellow Decadent Publishing author, Debbie Gould on my blog today. Welcome, Debbie! To begin, can you tell us how long you’ve been writing with the hopes of publication?

DG: I started writing about ten years ago, but didn’t start submitting anywhere until about five years ago. I had a lot to learn about the business, and am STILL learning more everyday. It’s a lot harder than just writing the story.

I followed the same path, only much more recently. How did you get started on that first book?

DG: I got sick of all the total jerks (and that is the nicest word I could come up with) that my daughter had been dating. After one particularly rough break up, I starting writing a story about the hero she should have been with. I will say that she has FINALLY found the right one, lol. But she really did stop believing there were any good guys out there for a while.

I hope she did manage to find her hero. Can you tell us what genres you write in, and what appeals to you about those genres?

DG: Love romantic suspense. It’s where my heart lies. Nothing like a threat to your loved one to get the juices flowing. I like hints of paranormal as well.

What titles do you have published?

DG: Mountain’s Echo (my first ever pubbed)

Maggie and Jake had a past ten years ago that neither wanted to ever revisit. But when Maggie’s brother, Scott, is severely wounded, Jake has to call Maggie for help.
After a ten year absence, Maggie and Jake are thrown together again in an intense struggle to save not only her brother, but themselves, as the men after Jake and Scott are closing in.

The two must find a way to work through the betrayal of the past and work together to save their future.


Melanie’s marriage ended abruptly. And violently. In an act of self-defense she ended her abusive husband’s life and lost her unborn baby. Moving back to Vermont, with the help of her brother and an old high school sweetheart, Melanie begins to heal. Someone, though, doesn’t want Melanie to recover. They want her dead.

Will she be stronger than the person who wants to end her life?

November Rain

Jessica Kauffman says goodbye to her husband Tyler—again. He’s been deployed to Afghanistan , this time to fight in the war. Through a unique bond, she connects with Tyler in their dreams, seeing, touching, and being with him.

After finding out some precious news, Jessica’s world is soon turned upside down, plunging her into a nightmare. Tyler ’s plane has gone down, and the search is on to find him—dead or alive.

Frightened for her future, she keeps the faith that Tyler will come back, believing their love is the key to his return. But will the Search and Rescue team find Tyler and bring him back home, or will Jessica have to face the rest of her life raising his child alone?

Do you have any recent or upcoming releases?

DG: Second Chance was released Jan 24th from Decadent Publishing.

Lieutenant Colin Beckett, US Air Force special ops, lost his wife in childbirth while off on a mission. Two years later, he’s still trying to come to grips with the guilt that tortures him. And to complicate matters, he finds himself undeniably attracted to his wife’s sister, Emily. Struggling with his desire, he tells himself he doesn’t deserve a second chance with such an amazing woman.

Emily wants Colin in her life and her bed. Enlisting the help of Colin’s teammate’s and Madame Eve’s 1 Night Stand dating service, she plans to prove to Colin he can have everything he lost once again.

Will their one night lead to the happy ending she longs for or the loneliness he thinks he deserves?

Sins of the Mind – co-written with L.J. Garland will be coming out April 20th

What are you working on now?

DG: Another 1 Night Stand story involving one of Colin’s teammate from Second Chance.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

DG: I used to be a panster until I started writing with L.J. Garland and she taught me the fine art of outlining, lol. But when she’s writing with me I think the outlines are a lot looser than she intended. We have a hard time reigning in our energy, lol.

What genres do you enjoy reading?

DG: Romantic Suspense with paranormal elements or military elements. LOVE cowboys too!

What author(s) have influenced your writing style?

DG: Cindy Gerard, Suzanne Brockman, Stephen King, Lori Foster.

Who is your favorite character from any of your books? (Can you include an excerpt involving this character?)

DG: I would have to say Jake from my first book. He is, after all, the hero I wanted for my daughter, lol

An hour later she pulled up to the cabin. No lights on so she assumed everyone was in bed. As she walked through the door, she turned on one of the small lamps and saw Jake sitting there.
Her heart skipped a couple beats. “You’re reduced to sitting in the dark now?” she asked him, slightly startled to find him waiting for her.

“Who needs the lights when I have my imagination to keep me company?” He stood up and walked over to her.

“I can only wonder where your imagination takes you,” she said.

He took another step closer to her. Her heart beat rapidly now and her hands shook. She was dangerously close to losing control of the situation.

“I could take you there, and show you if you like,” he said in a husky voice.

“Take me where?” Maggie asked in barely a whisper.

“Where my imagination goes.”

She took a step back. “I don’t think I really need to do that, Jake.”

He took another step toward her. “Baby, you’re already there.”

She took another step back and realized she was up against the door, right where he wanted her. “Damn it, Jake, can’t you ever be serious?”

“I’m as serious as a heart attack, Maggie. You worried me tonight. I don’t like the feeling.”

Jake grabbed her by the shoulders and lowered his mouth to hers. The kiss was hard, full of hunger and , strangely enough, anger.

He deepened it, searching her moist mouth. Giving her everything he had in that one kiss. She tried to fight it at first, but was overcome by a warm dizzying feeling. She felt unsteady on her feet and a million butterflies fought for room in her stomach. All she could think of was having his arms around her as she melted into him.

Sounds perfect! 🙂 Where do your best ideas come from?

DG: Definitely  during brainstorming sessions with L.J., they get way out of hand. We will be trying to sort out a scene for one book and suddenly we have a series on our hands. It’s great fun!

Where can my readers find you?


Where can my readers find your books?



Debbie Gould is offering an ebook copy of Second Chance. Leave a comment for your chance to WIN! Winner will be drawn May 18th, 2012.

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  1. I am a panster but I am hoping with Scrivener to not be as bad. I have a daughter and cringe when the dating starts. Maybe I have to write the perfect husband for my daughter and pray he appears, lol.

    Great interview, Debbie and congrats on Second Chance.

  2. Thanks, Charli. Good luck with the daughter. Sheesh so many sleepless night while they’re growing up and dating. Write her hero, maybe he’ll appear, lol.

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