Six Sentence Sunday: Sudden Breakaway – Will Jared get a break? #sixsunday

Thank you to each and every one of you for reading
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This week, I bring you another six from Sudden Breakaway,
a 1Night Stand story coming soon to Decadent Publishing.

While Jared has the hots for Ms. Brown, there are two things that keep him from joining the Space Service, or pursuing a relationship with the woman.

Jared yanked Dylan off the top of the fridge, holding him under his arm as the kid tried to wiggle free. “Superman could fly. You can’t. If you jump off the fridge, you’re going to get hurt.”

Once the boy stopped squirming, he set him down and rushed over to his niece who had decided to color his white cell phone, pink. “Madison, I know you love everything pink, but my phone does not need a makeover.”

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35 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Sudden Breakaway – Will Jared get a break? #sixsunday”

  1. I am so entertained by this snippet. You capture little kids SO well. And the hero is now completely loveable in my opinion. Great six. Can’t wait to read the whole of it when it’s released. :))

  2. So I’m guessing his niece and nephew (his two reasons for not joining the space service?) are even more dangerous than space or Ms. Brown. 😉 Fun six, Jessica!

  3. Ha ha ok that does sound great Jess! … Hmm the part where he picks up his son from the fridge reminds me of me and your peckerhe- I mean husband *smile* I used to think I could fly too and remember a couple times where he and Ken had to catch me mid flight lol … A great 6 and much like your other 1NS’s I’m sure I will love it! Your stuff just keeps getting better and better!
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