Six Sentence Sunday: Two alien hunks in SATIN SHEETS IN SPACE #sixsunday

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Here’s another six from Satin Sheets in Space (blurb & buy links).

Galan is trying to convince Danyka that he means her no harm,
and that he wants to spend  more time with her.

“Let’s spend the night together, and you can make a decision in the morning.”

Before she had a chance to respond, the wall—more like a curtain—parted as another male, wearing a thin white pair of lounge pants, sauntered toward her.

With the same dark mane, blue-tinged skin, and wide build, he could be a copy of the extraterrestrial that lay on the bed with her. Two alien hunks?

Part of her wanted to scream, run, get away from these men—aliens—before they tried to hurt her, or worse. But the idea of the exotic creatures excited her beyond belief.

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I won’t be posting next week as it’s Father’s Day, and I have a bunch of family coming over. Plus, it’s my daughter’s first dance recital.

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  1. Decisions, decisions! Great six, Jessica. I’m interested in what she finally decides. Have a great time at the dance recital and celebrating Father’s Day. 🙂

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