Six Sentence Sunday: Two alien hunks in SATIN SHEETS IN SPACE #sixsunday

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Here’s another six from Satin Sheets in Space (blurb & buy links).

Galan is trying to convince Danyka that he means her no harm,
and that he wants to spend  more time with her.

“Let’s spend the night together, and you can make a decision in the morning.”

Before she had a chance to respond, the wall—more like a curtain—parted as another male, wearing a thin white pair of lounge pants, sauntered toward her.

With the same dark mane, blue-tinged skin, and wide build, he could be a copy of the extraterrestrial that lay on the bed with her. Two alien hunks?

Part of her wanted to scream, run, get away from these men—aliens—before they tried to hurt her, or worse. But the idea of the exotic creatures excited her beyond belief.

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I won’t be posting next week as it’s Father’s Day, and I have a bunch of family coming over. Plus, it’s my daughter’s first dance recital.

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42 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday: Two alien hunks in SATIN SHEETS IN SPACE #sixsunday

  1. You can’t leave it there!!! What’s going to happen next? Sexy times, I hope :D
    Great six, Jessica!
    Cassandra Dean recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday – Silk pt 4My Profile

  2. Space is sounding sexy every time I visit your site!!
    Wildcats Wife recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday: The Sexual Adventures of Tina CooperMy Profile

  3. Skye Warren says:

    This story sounds too fun. I love the cover more every time I see it, too.

  4. Paula Martin says:

    Her excitement will obviously overcome her desire to run away! Sexy six!
    Paula Martin recently posted..Six Sentence SundayMy Profile

  5. Lisa Fox says:

    Sounds like she is in quite an interesting situation there!
    Lisa Fox recently posted..Six Sentence SundayMy Profile

  6. Jess Schira says:

    I like the organic nature of her reaction. I bet the desire trumps the fear. Nice job!
    Jess Schira recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday: Fools and Runts VMy Profile

  7. Eleri Stone says:

    I like her reaction too. Rings true. Sounds like things are about to get interesting:)
    Eleri Stone recently posted..Six Sentence SundayMy Profile

  8. Ooo, two hunks for the price of one! Schweet! I love your alien stories, Jess. You received a mention by one of my Shameless Summer Blog Hop commenters. You’re in her TBR. :-)
    Sandra Bunino recently posted..#sixsunday “Are you in, Ms. Lavender?”My Profile

  9. Oh my… Sounds like someone has a decision to make, and logic isn’t about to prevail. Great six :)

  10. Sarah W says:

    Fight, flight, or . . . well . . . :D

    Great six, as usual!

  11. S. J. Maylee says:

    She’s bending, I love it!! I stared at your cover for a bit after I read your 6, I can’t blame her at all ;)
    S. J. Maylee recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday #21My Profile

  12. Dee Carney says:

    Woot! I say go for it!
    Dee Carney recently posted..Six Sentence SundayMy Profile

  13. Great six! Two for the price of one…Hmmm.
    Patricia Preston recently posted..Having the Best Time Ever!My Profile

  14. Silver James says:

    Well, heck! You’d better come back the Sunday AFTER Father’s Day to fill us in. :lol:

    Great six. What a predicament but I bet she’ll figure out what to do….or they’ll show her. ;)
    Silver James recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday — Thinking Too HardMy Profile

  15. TWO sexy aliens? If she doesn’t want them, I’ll take them! Nice six!
    Tonya Burrows recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday 6/10: Tough TalkMy Profile

  16. K.E. Saxon says:

    Say yes Danyka, say yes!! Those guys are SO hot! I’m lovin’ this story. Great six!!

  17. Gemma Parkes says:

    Oh yes, she has to stay and give them a try! Hot!
    Gemma Parkes recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday #56My Profile

  18. D'Ann Lindun says:

    Two sexy aliens??? Wow! Wonder what’s going to happen…?
    D’Ann Lindun recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday A Cowboy to KeepMy Profile

  19. Sue says:

    Am sure the receital will be perfect and yes we will wait for your return. The right shade of blue can be very sexy…
    Sue recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday June 10My Profile

  20. Elin Gregory says:

    Handsome is as handsome does. I think I’d want, at the very least. a guaranteed safe word. But I bet she’s braver than I am.
    Elin Gregory recently posted..Six Sentence SundayMy Profile

  21. No one’s made an alien probe remark? Seriously?!
    Monica Enderle Pierce recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday: Flight #27–Washing Memories AwayMy Profile

  22. Carrie-Anne says:

    This sounds like a fun, sexy situation!
    Carrie-Anne recently posted..Six Sentence SundayMy Profile

  23. Laura Kaye says:

    Love her conflicted reaction!
    Laura Kaye recently posted..#SixSunday 60 – Marco’s survival tactics… #HerForbiddenHeroMy Profile

  24. Pippa Jay says:

    You’re going to leave us hanging there for two weeks?! Cruel, Jessica, cruel. :-P
    Pippa Jay recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday #56My Profile

  25. Yes, indeed! Two weeks of waiting IS cruel! ;) And I’m agreeing with Galan, some decisions can indeed wait until morning. *yawn*

  26. Cate Masters says:

    I knew I should have studied to be an astronaut! :) Loved this six, Jessica. Can’t wait for more!
    Have fun next weekend at the recital!
    Cate Masters recently posted..SSS: Mary’s story beginsMy Profile

  27. First off, I love the title! How fun. And two gorgeous blue aliens? What more could she want? ;)

  28. Siobhan Muir says:

    Decisions, decisions! Great six, Jessica. I’m interested in what she finally decides. Have a great time at the dance recital and celebrating Father’s Day. :)

  29. Cara Bristol says:

    Two hunky aliens! What could be better?
    Cara Bristol recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday: A little more from False Pretenses…My Profile

  30. Man, I have got to get abducted by aliens! You sure are teasing us with this :)

  31. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Smart girl to leave her options open! Two hunks would certainly be better than one. :) Great six!
    Jenna Jaxon recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday–06/10/12 Seven Days of SeductionMy Profile

  32. Ryan Derham says:

    Quite the dilemma for her, huh?……Or not. ;) Nice work, Jessica!

  33. Karyn Good says:

    Rethinking my preconceived notion of aliens! Decision time! Great Six!

  34. Cherie Marks says:

    Sign me up! Very sexy six!
    Cherie Marks recently posted..Six Sunday–Have MercyMy Profile

  35. Yup, count me in as another who likes her reaction. I too am betting the desire wins. ;)
    Joanne Stewart recently posted..Six Sentence SundayMy Profile

  36. Ooooh, temptation! Great six.
    Sidney Bristol recently posted..It’s raining ink, with Under His Skin!My Profile

  37. Sandra Sookoo says:

    Sounds like a fun time!

  38. Frank Fisher says:

    She’s torn between multiple thoughts, but I say she should stay! Interesting to see what happens later. Nice six Jessica!

  39. Zee Monodee says:

    2 hunks instead of 1? Now why would she even think of running??? :)
    Zee Monodee recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday: Why the secrecy?… Once Upon A Stormy Night (1NightStand series)My Profile

  40. E. Jamie says:

    Ooooh! Love the yummy sense of anticipation!
    E. Jamie recently posted..Six Sentence SundayMy Profile

  41. Yummy six! Sounds like she’s made her decision. :)
    Lorraine Paton recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday – Silver Linings #2My Profile

  42. Sexy six! I love that she’s torn!
    Joanne Stewart recently posted..Six Sentence SundayMy Profile

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