Spring Fling Blog Hop ~ March 20-23 ~ 5 Grand Prizes incl. #Kindle! #HopsWithHeart

Spring Fling Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to the Spring Fling Hop!

Thank you to Jane Wakely for organizing the hop!

I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. This year, Spring seemed to take forever to get here. We had record-breaking cold temperatures, and snow like I haven’t seen since I was a child. And even though we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground, I’m already seeing signs of Spring, like mud, grass, and twitterpated birds. I’ve yet to see my first robin of the year though. Soon!

Spring is the time for renewal, and sometimes for brand-new beginnings.

In my upcoming release, HIS ALIEN VIRGIN, Skylar is desperately seeking out a new beginning. She is destined to marry a polyamorous, tentacled space pirate, but all she wants is someone to love her. So, she steals a ship and escapes, heading toward Earth.

blog space excerpt

Finally, she had a chance to get off of the planet, an opportunity to live a new life. To be happy like she used to be when her parents were still alive, instead of dreading every second until her twenty-first birthday. It was time to live on her own terms, find her own love, rather than be chosen by a wealthy old space pirate with twelve arms and just as many wives. Or, maybe take a chance like her brothers—stepbrothers—and leave her fate in the hands of the mysterious Earth woman, Madame Evangeline. If Eve could find a Terran female to handle both Galan and Volan, surely she could locate a man for Skylar. Maybe someone from Earth, too. No matter, she refused to become another consort to the beast, another womb to carry his tentacle alien babies.

Skylar brushed her hands across the console. How on earth do I start this thing? Was there a key card? A special code? No one had bothered to teach her.

Damn! She slammed her palms on the dash, tears splashing onto the console. I’m never going to get away from here. Not on my own.

“Engine started.”

She gasped, panels and lights coming to life around her. A sharp buzz filled the air. Yes!
The cabin shook. The engine roared. Too loud. Someone would hear.

“Please enter your destination.”

Destination? Her fingers tingled, her throat suddenly dry. Did she really want to go to Earth? She knew nothing about the planet, only what her brothers and their wife, Danyka, had told her only hours earlier. How would she live? She had few Space Service credits to spend anywhere. How would she survive when she had no one to help her?

Didn’t matter. She had to go. She swallowed the lump in her throat.

Scrolling through the tap-down menu, she located Earth. If her brothers could find happiness there, why couldn’t she? She deserved pleasure and joy as much as they did.

With a slight lift, the ship hovered above the ground. Gripping the handles of the chair, she braced for takeoff. Vibrations shook the cabin, as if a comet passed within the atmosphere. Her stomach churned.

The ship lunged forward, inertia shoving her back in her seat. She couldn’t move. But, at least, she was leaving Rebed. I’m finally free!


His Alien Virgin - a new adult sci-fi romance 1Night Stand story by Jessica E. Subject

His Alien Virgin

A 1Night Stand story

By Jessica E. Subject

New Adult Erotic Sci-Fi Romance

ISBN: 978-1-61333-680-9 

She is desperately seeking freedom…

On the eve before her twenty-first birthday, Skylar steals a ship and escapes from the planet Rebed. She refuses to be another wife for the slimy space pirate that is her betrothed. After hearing of her brothers’ success, she applies to the 1Night Stand service on her way to Earth, hoping Madame Eve can find her a hero, to make her feel special, even if for only one night.

He is trying to fit in…

A longtime friend to Skylar’s brothers, he’s always relegated her to the look and don’t touch category. Though, Daran traveled to Earth years ago, he still struggles to fit in on the planet. When his boss suggests a blind date, he reluctantly agrees. What would happen if anyone found out about his alien ancestry?

And they are not at all meant to be together…

Has Madame Eve made a huge mistake, or will Daran tread into forbidden territory to be with the one woman he’s always wanted, and become the hero Skylar craves?



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Satin Sheets in Space by Jessica E. Subject, an erotic sci-fi romance menageNow, if you read the excerpt, you may have noticed the names Galan, Volan, and Danyka. Well, they have their own story called SATIN SHEETS IN SPACE.

For your chance to WIN an ebook of their story, enter the Rafflecopter below.

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The Grand Prizes will be:
One Kindle Fire–Donated by Blushing Books
One $75 Gift Card to Amazon (or Barnes and Noble)–Donated by Jane
One $25 Starbucks Gift Card–Donated by Sue Lyndon
One $25 Gift Card to Blushing Books–Donated by Patty Devlin
One $25 Gift Card to Loose Id–Donated by Cara Bristol

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17 thoughts on “Spring Fling Blog Hop ~ March 20-23 ~ 5 Grand Prizes incl. #Kindle! #HopsWithHeart”

  1. Honestly? The rain 🙂 Though we’re not getting any right now in California. It’s mid-seventies now, which kinda sucks, but that’s just me, lol.

  2. Lovely blog. I’ve forgotten what my fav thing about spring is. At this point, I’ll just accept having spring arrive.

    A one night stand with a virgin alien… where do you come up with your stories. Oh that’s right. You’re a SPACE TOWEL.

  3. I love that I can finally breakout the flip flops & take walks down by the water,… And being able to read out on my porch! =)

    Thank you for having this giveaway! I hope you have a great weekend! =)


  4. I really love the weather. It’s not to hot or cold and all the flowers blooming make it just beautiful.

  5. I live in Florida where there is no Spring…but I like the longer days!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  6. Congrats on the upcoming release of HIS ALIEN VIRGIN. Your book covers are amazing.

    My favorite spring time activity is reading on my front porch. The weather is warmer, birds are chirping, and the trees have leaves.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Fingers crossed to win.

    skeeterlee63 [at] gmail.com

  7. And the grand prize winners are…

    Kindle Fire— Sally Fryman Wagoner
    $75 Amazon Gift Card— Eva
    $25 Starbucks Gift Card— Eva Millien
    $25 Blushing Books Gift Card— Kathy Osborn
    $25 Loose ID Gift Card— Jessica Subject

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