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I am so happy to welcome fellow Decadent Publishing author, JoAnne Kenrick to my blog today.

So, JoAnne, what genres do you write in, and what appeals to you about those genres?

JK: I’m a total genre hopper and write what I fancy when I fancy…. So far that has paid off. I usually switch between contemporary and paranormal romance. But when Estella and Lucy became badgering me to write their story, I did have my concerns. The books alone can’t be classed as romance, but read them altogether and you get the bigger picture; a dead romantic tale. But in each ebook, you only get a small slice of their world…and a naughty tale as told by Estella or Lucy. A story within a story if you like. And definitely more spicy than anything I’ve ever written before.

Do you have any recent or upcoming releases?

JK: Funny you should ask that question. Tales of the Coffin series is now in full swing. Book One came out in May. Book two JUST came out (my first ménage story). Book three releases in August sometime, and book four will be a holiday special (Bonfire Night). The always snarky Estella and Lucy are having a ball in my wicked imagination, and I have the full series mapped out. Lots more twisted tales coming your way.

BLURB, Strange and Beautiful

Estella, Vampire Queen of the Rejected, is sick of men. Or so she would have you think. Ditched at the altar by Dracula himself, she’d rather spend her days with what she now believes to be the more faithful gender. Plagued by a Haversham complex, she gets her kicks by luring prey into her decrepit house with promises of erotic tales…but mind your manners, and fingers, because she bites.

Lucy Rotterdayne—a zombie better known as Lucy Rot—is Estella’s sometimes-faithful subject and lover. Although why she hangs around to be ridiculed and taunted by a bitter vampire, she has no idea. Perhaps the answer is rooted the story of how she was zombified by a doctor who is simply masterful with his hands?

Also in the series

All The Pretty Faces. OUT NOW

Bittersweet Symphony. COMING THIS AUTUMN

Treacle and Treason. COMING THIS WINTER



Strange And Beautiful – Decadent, Amazon, All Romance

All The Pretty Faces – Decadent, Amazon, All Romance

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What are you working on now?

JK: Snapping away from the paranormal for a touch of the Irish. After the huge success of the stand-alone 1NS book SWEET IRISH KISS, I was pestered by my editor (hi, Kate) and readers, to deliver Devlin’s story. And so Irish Kisses was born, a 1NS sub-series. Book two, Shamrocked, releases in a short few weeks. And this brings me to what I am working on now; book three which has a tentative title of Threesome Sweetness. I can’t give too much away, but I will say this; a sexy Texan business tycoon is in town and doesn’t just want to do paper work while in London.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

JK: I’m neither. I’m a fast-drafter! I discovered this technique via the awesome Candace Havens. I’ve tried plotted. It doesn’t work for me. Layering is my best friend, and don’t have a set amount of rounds of edits I do before calling it a day. It’s finished when it’s finished.

Who is your favorite character from any of your books?

JK: Estella!!! From Tales from the Coffin. I love her. And I hate her. She kinda scares me actually. This is the opening scene from the very first Coffin book, Strange and Beautiful.

© JoAnne Kenrick

“Fancy bursting into my boudoir and expecting me to entertain on demand.

The cheek of it. You people have no manners.” Estella puffed her raspberry-red hair into something that resembled an up-do and readjusted her breasts, shoving her plump flesh back into her once-upon-a-time-white corset. “I know. The word is out. I give great story. I do understand. You’re excited, who wouldn’t be? I am rather marvelous, if I do say so myself.

“In my day, though, the men held doors open for ladies, and the ladies tilted their necks to offer supper. Oh, no need to wrap that sweater farther up your jugular, dear, I’ve already eaten, so I’m not hungry…at the moment.” Estella stretched her arms out, licked her canines, and hoisted her moth-hole-ridden skirt to expose her alabaster thighs decorated with stockings laddered at the knees and splattered with fresh blood. “I can’t vouch for Lucy, though. She’s always hungry, aren’t you my little Deady Bear.”

Lucy groaned, burped, and stretched her neck out—to the right. Crack. To the left. Crunch—and dragged toward her mistress.

“Quit being disgusting and help me out of this coffin, would you?”

“Yes, boss.” Lucy, her mostly-faithful servant, shuffled across the neglected basement in their decaying house in the outskirts of York—the supernatural center of England—to her mistress while cursing her gammy leg and zombie disabilities. Minutes later, she parked her behind on the edge of Estella’s coffin and snaked her hand up her leg, smearing the blood as she went. “Finger-licking good,” she crooned before trailing her tongue over the torn material decorating Estella’s skin. She paused and held her hand up. “Shame I’m missing two of them. Wonder where I lost them? You’d think I’d feel them snapping off, wouldn’t you? Have you seen them?”

Tsking, Estella kicked her off and turned her nose up. Not because she needed to dominate Lucy—she had already put her in her place—but because she knew where those fingers were. And she didn’t want the poor dear to read the truth in her eyes. “I ordered you to help me out of my coffin, not suck my joint. My goodness, your hunger for flesh is insatiable. What was I thinking taking in a zombie? Blonde and curvy you may be, but you’re always trying to gobble me up.”

Where do your best ideas come from?

JK: Music, and the land of dreams. Yes, I wake up screaming quite often. Estella has wormed her way into my sub-conscious like no other character has ever done. She is one scary lady.

Where can my readers find your books?

JK: Well, I would just love it if y’all stopped on by my author website. That  would probably be a good place to start. From there, you can find book details, buy links, trailers, audio readings, widgets, and so much more.  or you could go straight to my author page on amazon, buy links galore there. WOOT.


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  1. What advice would you give someone who has A LOT of little idea’s floating around in their head but can’t seem to get them together on paper?

      1. I didn’t release I could reply per comment so I answered this one below. Sorry. But here it is again. *don’t I feel silly*

        Erin… best I can suggest is what works for me: get a white board or notebook and make notes of all those ideas. Splurge them onto paper so you can free your mind to work on finishing your current project.
        Sometimes just seeing your ideas on paper can jump start more sentences and themes etc… even if it’s just choppy idea sentences and one word brain storming type things.
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  2. I have to admit Zombies freak me out. Lol. I can’t see myself reading your Zombie books but I’ll definitely read the others. I enjoyed the interview.

  3. Erin… best I can suggest is what works for me: get a white board or notebook and make notes of all those ideas. Splurge them onto paper so you can free your mind to work on finishing your current project.

    Lori… Lucy is a sweetheart, and definitely NOT one to be afriad off. It’s the vampire you should watch out for 😉 But I understand…this series is rather unique and as Estella would say, an acquired taste.

  4. Taryn, WOOT !!! I’m really excited to read your 1NS story…. not just because I adore your work, too, but because it’s set in Sleepy Hollow. LOVED Sleepy Hollow Dreams. You probably guessed that after I bugged you about info for more stories from Sleepy Hollow. So, yeay! I’m watching out for release date and cover news.
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