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Desire leads them into the unknown ~ Get UNKNOWN FUTURES for #99cents! #scifiromance #LGBT

Unknown Futures by Jessica E. Subject



Attacked as a young adult, Jewel is left scarred and alone. She applies to the 1 Night Stand service, believing no one can see past her appearance to love her. But she doesn’t expect to be sent to a space station where her date could be any number of unusual alien species.

Flavia left everything behind to be one of five humans working for the Space Service space station. Extremely homesick, she is excited to learn she will be a guide to a woman from Earth visiting the station for a couple days. She is immediately drawn to the petite woman, seeing past her scars to her true inner beauty, stirring unforeseen desires.

Unfortunately, Jewel is there for a date which Flavia hasn’t been told about. Can she contain her lust and simply show her a good time? Or will she let her desire lead them into an unknown future?

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Teaser for Unknown Futures, a sci-fi LGBT romance by Jessica E. Subject

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Chapter One

“Miss Jewel Barnaby?”

Her eyes darted toward the tall, austere man in surprise, nervous tension knotting her shoulders. She almost didn’t respond. No one had called her Jewel since she’d left the hospital two years ago. Instead they called her ugly, freak, or monster. The doctors had
done all they could, but despite the several surgeries and multiple, painful skin grafts, everyone in Prescott, Ontario would always know her as the girl who was splashed in the face with acid on the biggest night of her teenage life.

They’d been in his garage, grabbing blankets for the after-prom party. When he’d tried to get fresh with her, she’d had to tell him, a jock through and through, she wouldn’t sleep with him, that she’d preferred women. But he didn’t take no for an answer. Pinned
against his truck, her heart racing in panic, she kneed him in the groin. Doubled over, he’d grabbed sulfuric acid from a shelf behind him and splashed it in her face. Everything after that moment became a blur until she woke up in a hospital, groggy with painkillers, a tube stuck down her throat. She couldn’t see a thing with the bandages covering her eyes, but felt and heard her mother by her side.

From then on, some of her neighbors looked at her with disgust, sympathy, or fear. Others glanced away when she passed, as if she didn’t exist, including her old friends.

The chauffeur simply smiled at her as he reached for her two oversized suitcases. His professional, impassive demeanor calmed some of the butterflies dancing in her stomach.

Standing on the curb, she stared down the road, sure neighbors spied out their windows, wondering why a limo would be picking her up. I need a break from this place. As she slid over the leather seat of the Ford Excursion limousine, her stomach tightened. Madame Evangeline’s text had been brief. Pack for two weeks. The limo will meet you in front of your building in an hour. She’d had no time to do anything but change and throw clothes in a suitcase.

Until now. Had applying to 1Night Stand really been a good idea? She could end up with her date running away, screaming. And why had Madame Evangeline told her to pack for two weeks when her date was only supposed to last one night?

She had no one to report to, though, no one who would worry she’d be gone for so long. She didn’t have a job. When she handed in applications, she was often told the position had already been filled, and once she’d poked her head back in to ask a question and seen her resume being ripped up before she’d even left the building. All the university courses she took were through distance education. With so much free time, she often kept well ahead of her studies so she had no assignments due for another month.

Her parents wouldn’t miss her either; her mother had died a year before from breast cancer. They’d spent so much time together in the hospital. She’d been Jewel’s closest friend, her ally, the one person who’d accepted her unconditionally. And now she had no
one. Her father only cared about his bimbo of a girlfriend, and made sure to keep the airhead away from his lesbian daughter. Jewel rolled her eyes. She preferred a woman with a brain, not an ass wiggle and an annoying laugh.

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In the last two years, though, she hadn’t had one date, not even a night out with friends. No one wanted to be seen with her, and after a day of stares at the local college, when she’d gone there to write an exam, she’d returned home and applied to the 1Night Stand dating service. She’d read an account of the wondrous matchmaking abilities of Madame Evangeline on a Yahoo group for burn victims. If Josh had found love, why couldn’t she?

Jewel had no idea what her date looked like or where she’d meet her. Looks really didn’t matter, but she wanted an age, a name, something…. And where was she going? Packing for the Sahara Desert was not the same as packing for the Arctic Circle, so she’d
included clothing for both and every climate in between.

When the limo merged onto the highway, she reached into her tote bag for her ereader. Taking her mind off the purpose of her trip might ease her rolling stomach. Throwing up in the luxurious car did not seem like a good idea. She loaded up the most recent book
from her favorite science fiction romance series—involving an alien species not as uptight about homosexuality as humans—and became lost in a world more hospitable than her own.

Unknown Futures, a sci-fi LGBT romance by Jessica E. Subject

#MySexySaturday: He’s not done rescuing her in BENEATH THE STARRY SKY @DecadentPub #romance #books

My Sexy Saturday

Hello and welcome to the 143rd week of My Sexy Saturday.

Here are the details: every Saturday, published and unpublished authors will be sharing 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published story.

Today’s theme is…


For today’s post, I’m sharing an excerpt from BENEATH THE STARRY SKY, a contemporary 1Night Stand erotic romance story.

Beneath the Starry Sky, a contemporary erotic romance by Jessica E. Subject

Setup: Tamara and Josh are out in the woods, and when she trips on a tree root, Tamara’s wig falls off. (She has Alopecia Areata.) Josh tells her to leave it off, but Tamara is reluctant to go bald. Trying to convince her she’s just as beautiful without it, he asks her is she sees him as a freak with his scars.

“No.” How could he even think that about himself? He was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. For the next month, hopefully longer, he’d be the star of her fantasies.

“Well, I feel the same about you. It doesn’t matter to me that you’re bald. I can see past that. Maybe others feel differently, but it’s only the two of us out here.” He brushed his lips across her neck. “In fact, I’d like to see the rest of you just as bare.”

A chill ran down her spine. She looked up at him, every part of her hoping she’d heard him correctly. Can this really be happening? Does he really not care that I’m bald?

“Now, you fell because you were lost in your thoughts. Did they have anything to do with me?” He wiggled his eyebrows, bringing a smile to her face. She hadn’t smiled without her wig on, ever.

“Maybe….” The situation was all too much to take. Nothing had gone as she’d expected. She needed to think. Turning out of his arms, she walked further up the path.

“Hey,” he called after her. “Get back here. I’m not done rescuing you yet.”

But she only wanted to run. “I guess you’ll have to catch me then.” She took off, this time watching where she placed her feet. The air blew past her cheeks, over her bald head, and she rediscovered her long lost freedom. Even as he chased her, she could not deny the exhilaration of finding herself again. Of being accepted. She didn’t dare look back to see where he was, but she heard the pounding of his feet not far behind her. “So much for my hero.”

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Left at the altar with bald patches on her head and her self-confidence stripped away, Tamara Johnson must pick up the pieces of her life and face her Alopecia Areata, the autoimmune disease causing her hair to fall out. She is convinced no man will date a bald woman and arranges a one-night stand through Madame Evangeline’s popular service, 1Night Stand. With her new wig held firmly in place, Tamara arrives at the Castillo Hotel in Las Vegas for a night of passion and pleasure. Anything more than one night would mean exposing her bald head, and she will never do that to any man again.

Running into the Castillo Hotel, away from the paparazzi constantly at his heels, Josh Summers wants to spend his next few days locked away from the flashing lights and screaming fans. When he finds an incredibly sexy woman lying on his hotel room bed in nothing but lingerie, he thinks management has made a mistake. Leaving her behind, he heads for the lobby to get the situation rectified. But an unexpected text from Madame Evangeline sends him back to his room. Though unsure whether the woman on the bed is really his perfect match or just another fan believing him to be like his character on television, he knows he must find out, even if it means he must risk telling her his own secrets. If Tamara can handle his imperfections, she just might be his ideal woman.

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#MidWeekTease: He’s late for their date in CELESTIAL SEDUCTION #romance #books

Get teased, titillated, and tantalized with this week's Mid Week Tease

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for Mid Week Tease. Today, I’m going to share an excerpt from my first release (almost five years ago), CELESTIAL SEDUCTION.

Celestial Seduction, a 1Night Stand alien romance story by Jessica E. Subject

Setup: After seeing a picture of her date, Carrie arrived at the hotel, anxious to meet him. But after two hours, he hadn’t shown up, so she decides to relax in the room’s whirlpool tub.

The door handle to the hotel room rattled. Carrie stopped reading and waited. She hadn’t ordered room service; they would knock anyway.

She shot upright as Frey, the man she recognized from his profile, burst into the room. “Sorry I’m late. I would have called you, but I couldn’t get any reception.”With eyes wide, he stared at her, a slight grin on his lips as she stood naked in front of him. She threw towels from the edge of the tub at him. “Turn around!” Trying to cover herself with her hands, warmth spread from her cheeks to her ears and down her neck.

He turned around and picked up something from the floor. As he sidestepped toward her, she cringed. “I’m just going to hand you a bathrobe. You might be more comfortable wearing that for now.”

For now? Yes, the one-night stand. Nerves attacked once again. Taking the robe, she wrapped it tightly around her body. He held out his hand to help her out of the tub, but she only stared at him. This man who’d left her waiting for hours wanted the date to go on? No apologies? Then she met his eyes, reminding her of tropical waters and captivating her very soul. She reached for him without any conscious thought.

“Why don’t we sit by the fireplace?” He led her to one of the loveseats in front of it.

She wanted to yell at him, put him in his place for disrespecting her, for stripping away more of her self-confidence, but she couldn’t form the words. Her heart pounded. He’s even better looking in person. With her hand held firmly in his, anger ebbed away with each step. Maybe the night would turn out better than she’d expected, so long as he didn’t disappoint her again. One night in the presence of this god-like man couldn’t hurt.

Maybe the night would turn out better than she'd expected. #Excerpt from CELESTIAL SEDUCTION by Jessica E. Subject Click To Tweet


At the end of his obligated commitment to the Space Service, Frey Berger decides to stay on Earth to further experience human emotions rather than return to Ginnun where his intended has already mated with another. Looking for real love and someone to accept him for what he is, Frey enlists in Madame Evangeline’s popular dating service. Although he does not understand the concept of a one-night stand, he hopes to find his perfect mate.

Carrie Cooper’s husband divorced her for someone who could provide him with children, leaving her with little self-confidence and no desire to let a man hurt her again. Her best friend convinces her to join a dating service, claiming Carrie needs to get laid, while not winding up with a broken heart since her date requires no commitment after the night is over.

Although several misunderstandings nearly derail them before the date has even begun, Carrie and Frey end up becoming closer than they ever believed possible. Still, Frey will need to convince Carrie that her perfect mate isn’t human at all, and that one night can lead to a forever love.

blog available from 2016

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Mid Week Tease, a weekly blog hop hosted by Angelica Dawson, where authors share snippets from their recent releases, back list titles, and works-in-progress (WIPs). So, please check out my tease and visit the other participating authors listed below.


#MySexySaturday: Abducted to his spaceship in SATIN SHEETS IN SPACE @DecadentPub #romance #books

My Sexy Saturday

Hello and welcome to the 142nd week of My Sexy Saturday.

Here are the details: every Saturday, published and unpublished authors will be sharing 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published story.

Today’s theme is…


For today’s post, I’m sharing an excerpt from SATIN SHEETS IN SPACE, a 1Night Stand story.

Satin Sheets in Space by Jessica E. Subject, an erotic sci-fi romance menage 1Night Stand story

Setup: Danyka is making out with her date in an alley, when he says they should finish their date somewhere else…

She had her eyes closed, her lips pressed against his, when the sensation started. First, a tingling in her hands and feet, as he swept his digits deep inside her. The buzz spread up her arms and legs until it engulfed her entire body. She no longer sensed the ground below her.

The man continued to drive his fingers into her core with vigor, ridding her of the urge to pull away and find out what was happening to her. She landed with a thud, feeling returning to her limbs. Nothing stopped the man who held her, though. He continued to ravage her mouth, her jaw, her neck, keeping her pressed against the wall.

But something felt different. Gone was the hard brick pressing through her corset and against her skin. She reached behind to brush her hand along the surface. Soft. Almost like cushioned satin.

With a whimper, she pushed the strange man away. Where was she? What had she been thinking? This is the stupidest, most insane thing I’ve ever done.

The Prince Charming she’d had the fortune of being set up with peered down at her, his gaze intense and filled with lust. “My name is Galan, and we’re in my spaceship.”

At least she now knew his name, but wait…. Spaceship? She stared at the man, disillusioned. She could think of no other explanation for how they had traveled to a new location with the press of a button. Oh God, she’d been abducted by an alien. How would she get out of this situation? The first time she’d done something spur-of-the-moment, and she’d ended up being finger-fucked by an extraterrestrial.

Or was this some kind of elaborate stunt Josh had pulled off? But why? He was on his honeymoon, unable to enjoy his handiwork. Her body grew numb; a loud ringing pierced her eardrums. She could no longer think with the clouds invading her mind. Then she blacked out.

My name is Galan and we're in my spaceship. #Excerpt from SATIN SHEETS IN SPACE by Jessica E. Subject Click To Tweet


Danyka’s unusual height and radiant red hair earn her the cold shoulder from any guy she approaches, unless he wants to experiment with a giant. So when her boss sets up on a one night stand, she hopes for a prince but expects the usual toad.

As a captivating stranger whisks her away from the ball and introduces her to his equally gorgeous brother, she fears her fantasies have become a nightmare. Has she finally given into impulse only to become a lab rat in an unknown world?

blog available from 2016

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