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An interview with P. J. Morgan, narrator of UNKNOWN FUTURES #lesfic #1NightStand @listentoPJ

Hello my dear readers! Have you had a chance to listen to any of my audio books yet? Well, today I have a special treat for you. I’m interviewing P. J. Morgan, the fabulous narrator for my most recent audio book, UNKNOWN FUTURES. Be sure to check out the sample from the audio book after the interview.

P. J. MorganHow long have you been narrating audiobooks?

P. J.:  It’s been pretty much exactly a year since I started narrating commercial audiobook titles (May 2014).

How did you get started?

P. J.: I had made contributions to LibriVox (www.librivox.org), a public domain, volunteer-run audiobook site, for about six months prior to that, just to get my feet wet. I loved it, and wanted to turn my hobby into an income source, as well as find a way to share my work with a larger audience.

What are your favorite types of stories to narrate?

P. J.: I love stories with interesting, fully-realised female protagonists. Fortunately, I get to do a lot of those! I also really enjoy lesbian-themed stories, fantasy, and anything with great writing and a solid plot.

What are your favorite scenes to narrate?

P. J.: Action scenes are a lot of fun. You really get lost in the story you’re telling, which makes it easy to nail the pacing without lots of editing!

That seems to be a favorite for narrators and listeners alike. What are your least favorite scenes to narrate?

P. J.: I would say dialogue is the hardest to get right, especially with many characters talking in the same scene, but recording it can actually be so much fun. I really love narrating just about everything, because there’s a challenge in all of it.

Yes, I believe challenges help us to grow in what we do. In Unknown Futures, what was your favorite scene?

P. J.: Well, it’s kind of hard to beat the sex scenes between Jewel and V! I love all the wonderful alien characters aboard the space station, too, and the scenes including them were so much fun to narrate.

Thank you! What format of books do you prefer to read or listen to?

P. J.: I’m a total traditionalist, and I find nothing so comforting as having a good print book in hand. I like the tactile experience of reading a book – the weight of it in your hands, the feel of the pages between your fingers. I just can’t get into eBooks, but the convenience is hard to beat. I’ve been known to read free eBooks on my phone in desperation.

I’m still trying to break into audiobooks – funny, I know. The right narrator can make the listening experience transcend the words on the page. Not to mention, it’s a good educational experience for a fellow narrator! It’s important to study what the actors at the top of the game do right. I’m trying to get into the habit of picking up an audio copy of any book I enjoyed in print, to see how the experience differences.

That’s a great idea! Who is your favorite author?

P. J.: Oof, that’s probably the toughest question you could ask! I don’t have many favourites (so far), but it’s a very tight race between them. If I could only pick one, it would have to be P. G. Wodehouse. I can’t read anything of his and not be instantly in a good mood. (Close seconds are Sarah Waters, J. K. Rowling, and Margaret Atwood.)

I know. So hard to pick just one, right? What do you like to do in your spare time?

P. J.: Between having a full-time job in IT and voicing audiobooks at night, there’s not much time left over, but I like to read as much as I can, and I write a novel every year as part of National Novel Writing Month. I have dogs, cats, and horses, so caring for all of them takes up a lot of time, too. I’ve been known to craft in odd moments, and I do a lot of community theatre, and sometimes appear in short films or on TV.

Very cool! What projects are you working on next?

P. J.: I’m currently wrapping up narration on a fantastic novel called Deep Down Things by Tamara Linse, whose short story collection How to Be a Man was my first commercial audiobook title. I also just started work on the second book in a wonderful urban fantasy trilogy by Fiona Skye, Silver Shackles. I’m hoping to pick up a few other shorter titles in the coming months, too.

Outside of audiobooks, I’m looking for other types of voice over and on-screen work. My dream is to voice a cartoon character someday, or start a comedy webseries, or maybe edit one of my novels!

I wish you all the best with all those project! Where can readers, listeners, and authors find you?

P. J.: I’m at listentopj.com, and also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pjmorganvo and Twitter at http://twitter.com/listentopj.

Thank you so much, P. J., for visiting and for the fabulous work you did in narrating UNKNOWN FUTURES!

Unknown Futures by Jessica E. Subject, now an audiobook! Narrated by P. J. Morgan

Unknown Futures

a 1Night Stand audio book

by Jessica E. Subject

Lesbian Science Fiction Romance

Attacked as a young adult, Jewel is left scarred and alone. She applies to the 1 Night Stand service, believing no one can see past her appearance to love her. But she doesn’t expect to be sent to a space station where her date could be any number of unusual alien species.

Flavia left everything behind to be one of five humans working for the Space Service space station. Extremely homesick, she is excited to learn she will be a guide to a woman from Earth visiting the station for a couple days. She is immediately drawn to the petite woman, seeing past her scars to her true inner beauty, stirring unforeseen desires.

Unfortunately, Jewel is there for a date which Flavia hasn’t been told about. Can she contain her lust and simply show her a good time? Or will she let her desire lead them into an unknown future?


Narrated by P. J. Morgan

Audible | Amazon | iTunes

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Author @TiannaXander Romanced the Capital with IT WAS ALWAYS YOU #RTCOttawa #1NightStand

Romancing the Capital

Hello all! HER ALIEN HERO is my most recent release. And this month, I’m spotlighting all of the other stories in the Romancing the Capital line of the 1Night Stand series.

Every title in the line is set during the Romancing the Capital conference, which all five author attended in April. Today, I’m featuring the last of the stories in this series to release, IT WAS ALWAYS YOU, a BBW and shifter romance by Tianna Xander.


After dreaming of him for months, Candy can’t believe the 1Night Stand dating service has found a man fitting the description of her ideal lover. After all, her dream man is no other than A-list actor, Jared Harwell, and since she’ll never have him, she’ll settle for a close match.

Shapeshifter Jared Harwell is ready to call it quits—his acting career and Hollywood lifestyle—if he can find the mate he’s searching for. But, evidently, his perfect mate is only to be found in his nocturnal dreams and the closest he’ll ever get to her is with the help of Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service. And even then, it’s only one night with a fantasy lookalike.

Will that be enough time for Candy and Jared to realize dreams truly can come true?

Available from:

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Enjoy An Excerpt

Entering the bedroom, he frowned. It’s too quiet. Had she left?

“Candy?” he whispered. If she expected him, the movie star, she would recognize his voice. He had to remember to speak with a Midwestern accent at a low level and not have his brogue give him away. Not yet, anyway. He said her name softly again.

No answer.

“Candy, are you there?” he asked a bit louder. Had his accent bled through? It didn’t matter. His instructions had probably scared her, and she’d left. Shit!

“Huh, wha…?” The sleep-filled voice came from the bed. “Who’s there?”

“It’s just me, darlin’. Your date for the evening.”

“Why are you whispering?” The sheets rustled. She’d turned off the lights as he’d instructed in his letter. With the curtains drawn, the glow from the city below couldn’t penetrate the darkness. That hadn’t been part of his conditions. Had she’d closed them to even the playing field so he couldn’t see her either?

Standing in the doorway, he breathed in her perfume. The scent of peaches wafted up from the bed and gave him a hard-on from hell. The sweet scent filled his lungs. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, the lingering scent bringing up sweet memories of his Candy. Still, it didn’t matter. The only thing he gave a damn about—they get along with each other and have the fantasy they wanted.

“Have you changed your mind?” He hoped not, and pictured the lingerie he’d packed in the case for her. Had she put it on, or was she wearing something of her own?

“No, I haven’t changed my mind. I’m wearing the flimsy nightgown you sent for me, aren’t I?” she asked, dryly.


Here’s a picture of Tianna Xander, my table buddy,  just before the book signing.

. @KMalcolmAuthor Romanced the Capital with CLAIMING HIS CUB #RTCOttawa #1NightStand

Romancing the Capital

Hello all! HER ALIEN HERO is my most recent release. And this month, I’m spotlighting all of the other stories in the Romancing the Capital line of the 1Night Stand series.

Every title in the line is set during the Romancing the Capital conference, which all five author attended in April. Today, I’m featuring CLAIMING HIS CUB, a M/M shifter romance by Kayleigh Malcolm…

Claiming His Cub by Kayleigh Malcolm

Dary, an officer with the Paranormal / Research / Intelligence / Discipline and Education (PRIDE) department of the RCMP, has little time to pursue his personal interests outside of his job. As a dominent bear shapeshifter in his prime, and a taste for slim, trim boy-toys, his preference has brought him to a crossroad—his desire to find a partner to share his life with is overcast by immature males who don’t share his interests When he learns about the 1Night Stand service and Madame Eve’s incredible track record for successful matches, he utilizes a rare weekend away from his job to indulge in some much-needed fantasy.

Rhudaii is a unique man in every imaginable way. With an unusually youthful appearance and a little known inherent bombshell of his own, he longs for a deeper connection with a man than just instant gratification. Being an avid romance junkie, Rhoo plans a getaway to a book convention in Ottawa, except surrounded by hundreds of women isn’t what he’s looking for. Instead, he arranges a date through the 1Night Stand service.

When the men meet sparks fly and the sexual tension soars. Each of them has a secret that could make or break any potential long-term relationship. But, what if they have more in common than they thought?



Available from:

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Enjoy An Excerpt

“Do you have your ID with you?” the barkeep asked.

Dary smirked when Rhoo sighed dramatically while passing over his driver’s license. “I think I’m going to have to carry my ID until I’m fifty.”

The man behind the bar winked at him when he returned the card. “You’ll be the envy of everyone you know with a baby face like yours.”

The hair on Dary’s nape bristled, and he fought the urge to growl at the man when he went to get their beers. It might be some harmless flirting, but he didn’t need another man cutting in on his date. His bear rubbed aggressively against his consciousness, wanting to swipe his claws at what he viewed as a poacher.

“Are you hungry?” Dary asked. “We can get a table or eat here at the bar.” Sitting at a table would get them away from their overly flirtatious bartender.

“I’m good either way, but this is nice sitting here with you. It’s a bit more casual than if we were at a table.”

Rhoo’s hands moved as he spoke, drawing Dary’s attention to his long, delicate fingers. Driven by a need he didn’t want to contemplate, he caught one and turned it over, stroking his thumb along the edge of his palm, feeling the thickened skin on the side. “For a man who says he sits around in his job, you have the calluses of a warrior.”

Color raced from Rhoo’s neck to his cheeks. “I said I have a lot of downtime in my job, not that I sit on my ass.” In a smooth, quickly executed move that spoke of hours of practice, Rhoo slid his hand from Dary’s grasp to clasp his wrist. He angled Dary’s hand so it was palm up. “You’re one to talk.” Rhoo rubbed his thumb over the thick ridge on his trigger finger. “You work with firearms.” His caressed the sensitive skin of Dary’s palm to his inner wrist, brushing the pulse point with his thumb. “Are you made of thick muscle everywhere?”

Kayleigh Malcolm



Here’s a picture of Kayleigh Malcolm  just before the book signing.

Author @KaliWillows Romanced the Capital with ROMANCING THE AUTHOR #RTCOttawa #1NightStand

Romancing the Capital

Hello all! HER ALIEN HERO is my most recent release. And this month, I’m going to be spotlighting all of the other stories in the Romancing the Capital line of the 1Night Stand series.

Every title in the line is set during the Romancing the Capital conference, which all five author attended in April. The third RTC story to be released was an erotic contemporary romance by author Kali Willows…

Romancing The Author by Kali Willows


NFL star, Connor Caine has given up on romance. Starved for a real woman with curves, intellect, and a sharp wit, he exchanges playful messages with an online crush. But when he can’t connect with her, he’s urged to seek out a 1Night Stand while in the Canadian capital for business.

Steamy sex is plentiful for author Gemma Daveen—at least on the pages she writes. Publicized as happily married, she has kept a few well-hidden secrets. But her publicist knows better, and ravenous for sexual reprieve, Gemma soon finds herself booked for a 1Night Stand during a romance convention in Ottawa.

Only 99¢ through May 25 from:

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Enjoy An Excerpt

Connor: Do you wear jeans, Gemma?

Gemma: Sure, all the time. They’re 90 percent of my wardrobe, LOL. Why?

Connor: I’ve got a thing for belt loops.

Gemma: What do you mean? And were they crossing a line?

Connor: Have you ever had a guy slip his fingers into the belt loops of your jeans and pull you so close to him, he could taste your lips?

Gemma: No, but I like the sound of that. Had she really typed that?

Connor: Maybe one day, I can pull you by the belt loops.

Three hours flew by and, finally, despite her fascination, her eyelids grew heavy

Connor: I have a confession to make. I’ve bought your books and read them. You’re such a gifted author.

Gemma: You have? Her breath hitched.

Connor: Yes! I can’t get enough of your stories. You’re brilliant.

Gemma: Thank you. A weak response given he had just hit her cerebral G-spot. Connor loved her writing? He’d read her books? Incredible. No longer tired, she held her hands over the keyboard.

Gemma: I…have to come clean with something, too.

Connor: What?

All or nothing.

Gemma: I’m a sapiosexual.

Connor: Come again?

Gemma: A person sexually attracted to the intelligence in others. She held her breath for his response.

Connor: And where do I fit into this orientation of yours?

Butterflies somersaulted in her stomach.

Gemma: Top of the list.

Angels Kali Willows and Kacey Hammell

Here’s a picture of (l-r) Kali Willows and Kacey Hammell.