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One-Liners ~ Find New Authors & Your Next Great Read! #romance #books

Fun one-liners with Allie Ritch


Every so often, fellow sci-fi romance author Allie Ritch hosts a group of authors on her blog to share fun one-liners from their stories. Today is one of those days. So, stop by Allie’s blog and have a great time being teased and intrigued. Check out familiar and new authors, and maybe you’ll find something new to read this weekend.


Participating Authors:

Allie Quinn
Allie Ritch
Bobbi Romans
Brynley Bush
Cailin Briste
Cara Bristol
Cynthia Sax
Errin Stevens
Eva Lefoy
Gail Koger
Haley Whitehall
Jeanne St. James
Jessica E. Subject
Jocelyn Dex
K.T. Black
Laurel Richards
Lisa M. Owens
Louisa Kelley
Marianne Rice
Megan Slayer
Pamela Moran
Pippa Jay
Shiloh Saddler
Sotia Lazu
Stephanie Lake
Susanna Eastman
Tami Lund
Tara Quan
TD Hassett
Wendi Zwaduk

“They say you got fight” ~ Fav lines from MIDNIGHT SKY by @AmyBraunAuthor #steampunk

I am excited to have Amy Braun back on the blog with her new release, MIDNIGHT SKY. I’ve been lucky enough to read snippets from this story as part of Weekend Writing Warriors, and now I get to share it with you. 🙂

Midnight Sky Teaser 1

Amy Braun shares her Favorite Lines

1 – “Abby? What did you mean when you said the food didn’t taste right?”

Her back was to me, so I didn’t really hear what she said. But I must have misunderstood, because it sounded like, “It doesn’t taste alive.”

(Claire checking in on her sick sister, Abby, in Chapter 2)

2 – “Gemma’s just thinking I should be more lenient and less suspicious, and Nash is agreeing with her.”

“Well, you could be, you know,” I prompted.

He turned his eyes to me, a smooth grin sliding across his face. “And lose my reputation as a cynical bastard? What fun would that be?”

(Claire and Sawyer teasing each other in Chapter 4)

3 – “You’re not going to help him?” I asked.

He shrugged one of his shoulders. “Don’t think he’d want it. He muttered something behind my back about me having an ego and being a thieving pirate.” He smirked. “I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of being right.”

(Claire asking Sawyer why he chose to let Riley to the manual labour in Chapter 4) 

4 – “Do you think you have the energy to talk to them? If I have to listen to their bitching for one more day, I’m going to throttle both of them.”

I grinned. “You make it sound so appealing.”

Gemma shrugged. “I call it preparation.”

(Gemma getting tired of Sawyer and Riley’s bickering in Chapter 6)

5 – “Any man that wants to lay a hand on me is welcome to try. He just won’t be leaving with that hand attached.” (chapter 6)

6 – Riley’s blue eyes sharpened. “If it is a trap, you have no idea what it will do to you.”

“Not yet, but I will when I get close. I can figure it out, Riley. This is my job.”

The soldier looked at Sawyer for help. To my surprise, the pirate captain shrugged casually. “Like she would ever listen to me.” (chapter 8)

7 – “Are they really that bad?” I inquired.

Nash raised his dark eyes. The difference between this man and my friend was jarring.

“When I said they were rabid, I wasn’t trying to be clever.” (chapter 9)

8 – Ryland stopped in front of Gemma, and I could see Nash fighting his instincts. Wild rage tore through his eyes as Ryland took her hair and rubbed it between his fingers. Gemma showed no trace of fear. Her lips were peeled back in a savage snarl, eyes pinched together with fury. If she weren’t being restrained, I imagined that Ryland would have a serious fight on his hands.

The Stray Dog leader noticed this. “She must be yours,” he wagered with Nash. “You always had a fondness for untamable things.” (chapter 9)

9 – “They say you got fight,” he commented, “I like that too. They say you’re a bitch with bite.”

“Why don’t you come over here and find out how sharp my teeth are?” she snarled. (Chapter 10)

10 – I couldn’t keep up this act much longer. Not with the terrible sound around me. So much pain, all of it being caused by me. I couldn’t let it go on.

“A true Abernathy,” he condescended. “I should have known it from your looks, but this?” He chuckled. “This proves it.” (chapter 11)

The second novel in an epic steampunk horror series, MIDNIGHT SKY is the sequel to CRIMSON SKY, where secrets buried in the past are uncovered, and choices are made that will affect not only the lives of desperate characters, but of their world as a whole…

Midnight Sky by Amy Braun

About MIDNIGHT SKY by Amy Braun:

There are secrets, there are betrayals, and there are sacrifices…

The Behemoth has been destroyed, and the bloodthirsty Hellions seem to have left Westraven. But Claire Abernathy’s mind is not at ease. A terrible disease plagues her sister, appearing to have been brought on the Vesper, the leader of the Hellions beyond the tear between worlds– the Breach.

To save Abby and stop the Hellions for good, Claire must find the machine her parents built before the attacks, and fix it before the monsters return. To do so, she needs the help of her crew, and must ignore the secrets and rivalries between her captain and the man she saved.

Because the Hellions are not the only dangers following Claire. Twisted humans and old enemies surface to stop her and destroy all she loves. While she is determined to endure the trials, a single betrayal could shatter the hope of a better world, and force Claire to make a choice that will cost her dearly…

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Midnight Sky Teaser 3

blog excerpt 2016

They were going to get us killed.

I leaped to the side as Sawyer and the Rattail he was fighting slammed into the tavern wall. Sawyer grunted but kept the larger man at bay. He jabbed his knee into the man’s stomach, getting the advantage and then slugged the grimy-skinned marauder in the jaw. He whirled on me, his tawny eyes filled with wildness and fire.

“What are you doing in here?” my captain growled.

I took a breath to argue, then turned my head when the Rattail surged forward and tried to hit Sawyer again. I made my point by lunging, striking the man in the face with my fist just as Riley had taught me. I didn’t have the muscles the Sky Guard’s son did, but my hit disoriented the Rattail enough for Sawyer to grab him by the shirt, and pound his head into the wall.

He dropped the unconscious man and whirled on me again, still furious. “I told you to wait outside!”

“Seems like you could use help,” I barked.

Sawyer narrowed his eyes to slits. If I weren’t part of his crew, I would be afraid of him. Sawyer was the son of one of the most dangerous pirate Clans ever to exist. He wasn’t the kind of person to be crossed.

But after being on his crew for three months, I knew he would never hurt me, and that his pride– and arrogance– often got in the way of his safety.

“We can handle it,” he snapped.

A heavy crash caught our attention. Nash and two Rattails were lying on the ground, caught in a scuffle among the remains of a broken table. Nash was bleeding from a cut at the corner of his eyebrow, but he didn’t seem to notice the injury. He rolled onto his feet, grabbed a broken table leg and used it like a baton, swinging and smashing it into the heads of his attackers.

A few feet behind him, Nash’s lover Gemma was hanging on the back of a Rattail. Her arm was wrapped around his throat as she tried to choke him unconscious, screaming like a banshee. The Rattail growled and stumbled back, slamming Gemma into the wall. She cried out, but maintained her grip. He drove her back twice more before she was forced to release him. The Rattail roared and whirled around with a savage punch that would have caused Gemma serious injury if she hadn’t ducked and rolled away. She came up in front of the Rattail and started her assault again.

As efficiently as my crew was fighting, they were still outnumbered. It wouldn’t be long before the rest of the Rattail Clan barged in and beat the life from us.

I looked at Sawyer angrily. “Before or after the rest of their crew gets here?”

My captain said nothing, though I imagined his teeth were grinding behind the firm set of his lips.  He glanced over my shoulder, his body going rigid. Riley must have come in.

“Keep her here,” ordered Sawyer.

He spun on his heel and took off to find another fight. There were still four Rattails engaging in the brawl–strong, bulky pirate brutes with meaty fists, soiled clothes, and scraggly hair tied at the nape of their necks to give them their name.

Nash, the dark-skinned, heavyset quartermaster dressed in dark work clothes, was throwing punches hard enough to split wood, but each strike was slower than the last. Gemma hadn’t drawn her any weapons, relying on her speed and grace allowed by her tightknit sweater, pants, and combat boots. She carried a variety of pistols and knives on her belt, but the feisty brunette didn’t have any more muscle than I did.

blog about the author 2016

Urban Fantasy author Amy BraunAmy is a Canadian urban fantasy and horror author. Her work revolves around monsters, magic, mythology, and mayhem. She started writing in her early teens, and never stopped. She loves building unique worlds filled with fun characters and intense action. She is the recipient of April Moon Books Editor Award for “author voice, world-building and general bad-assery,” and the One Book Two Standout Award in 2015 for her Cursed trilogy. She has been featured on various author blogs and publishing websites, and is an active member of the Writing GIAM and Weekend Writing Warrior communities. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, watching movies, taking photos, gaming, and struggling with chocoholism and ice cream addiction.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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Midnight Sky Teaser 5

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Jessica E. Subject books

CLAIMING TRINITY by @KaliWillows ~ She’s the last of her bloodline. #WiccanHaus #paranormal

Claiming Trinity, a Wiccan Haus paranormal menage romance by Kali Willows


by Kali Willows

Tears of blood…

Trinity is the last of her bloodline and cursed with a bizarre ability for a Banshee. Living a mundane façade, she became a psychologist who helps her clients work through their own grief—or at least she did until her life took a sinister twist. Soon after the murder of her uncle, her traumatic past comes back to haunt her. She’s faced with a few other challenges she can’t control, along with her empathic talents. An unexpected offer of help comes from the Rowan siblings when she receives a ticket to the Wiccan Haus for a much needed retreat, along with some sizzling adventure she doesn’t bank on. The evil that stalks her has bigger plans than anyone on the island realizes.

Two heroes with a dark past…

Arawn, an Immortal, rose up against his namesake and abdicated his thrown to the Underworld. Conflicted between his lineage of war and vengeance and his desire to protect those in need, he serves on the Para Elite Forces. Kane, a tortured soul with a profound fear of showing anyone his Gargoyle form, is forever indebted to his best friend. They attend the Wiccan Haus for additional security training, but an unexpected run in with a voluptuous white-haired beauty brings about a change of assignment—and sleeping quarters.  How will they maintain the safety and wellbeing of this mystifying woman from looming threats, while battling their deep-seated desire for her?

Welcome back to the Wiccan Haus. Where the staff have some unusual quirks and the herbal tea is sometimes more than you bargain for. The proprietors always do their best to make the resort a place of healing and peace. It’s also a place some never want to leave!

blog available from 2016

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Claiming Trinity by Kali Willows


blog excerpt 2016

With a deep breath and her Wiccan Haus charm in hand, Trinity folded her completed checklist for items to pack and shoved it into her pocket. She clutched the handle of her suitcase and mustered the courage to step into the portal.

In a flash, lights swirled around her, the sensation of gravity dissipated, her body lightened, and her limbs lingered in the air. She floated up, twisted, and spun on the spot. A faint, but deep voice echoed in the distance, “Incoming.”

In the blink of an eye, she bounced through the end of the portal, crashing into three large, burly men and toppling over a dark-haired stranger.

“Whoa!” He stopped their rolling together and landed on his back. Heated hands gripped her sides as she came to rest on top of his rock solid-chest, face to face. He chuckled. “You okay, princess?”

The sweetness of his warm breath brushed her lips and tingles of electricity ran over her sides where his hands held her steady. A delectable aroma of amber and patchouli wafted past her nose. Trinity leaned closer to his neck and inhaled then jerked. Lost in the depths of his dark eyes and chiseled features. His stare penetrated her and his touch stirred something deep inside. “I’m…oh, my….” She bit her lip.

“Are you hurt?” He frowned.

“No.” She rested her palms on his hard chest. But I don’t think I would notice if I was. My word, you’re handsome. A warmth curled around her spine, followed by giddy tickles in her tummy. Her body responded to the contact and lulled her other senses. In the next instant, she snapped out of her lustful daze with dread. “I’m so sorry,” she sucked in a sharp inhale and eased herself to sit up.

His hands settled on her hips. “I’m not.”

Trinity slammed her eyes shut, her cheeks burned with embarrassment at the sudden realization she now straddled the stranger she had just tackled to the ground. “By the gods, please tell me this did not just happen.” She slung her leg over to kneel on the floor and scrambled to get up. Another set of heated hands gripped her under the arms and lifted her to her feet.

“You landed pretty hard, are you sure you didn’t get hurt?” A second hunk straightened her glasses and brushed her shoulder off.

“I had a cushion to break my fall,” she whispered. Trinity smoothed back her hair to find the tight bun she had slicked her mane into had loosened and stray strands of hair littered her vision. She brushed away the rogue locks, and her breath hitched as her focus landed on another delectable vision.

Teaser from Claiming Trinity, a Wiccan Haus paranormal menage romance by Kali Willows


blog about the author 2016

Born and raised in Toronto, Kali now resides in the exquisite eastern Ontario countryside where she enjoys the serenity of nature. When she isn’t busy being the married mother of two, certified trainer or counsellor extraordinaire, she shadows worlds of paranormal passion & intrigue.

Kali strives to create emotional, compelling stories and characters you can’t help but love, hate and cheer for. Captivated by her love of dragons, gargoyles and everything paranormal, she pens these delightful creatures into epic tales of romance and adventure and often infuses her passions of martial arts, music and ironic twists even she didn’t foresee.

A good cup of tea with the crackling fire gets her creative juices flowing in the wee hours of the night, when the house is quiet and she can type away to her heart’s desire.

Find Kali Willows here:

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