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Back List Blast for Unknown Futures – Get it for FREE! #lesbian #romance #Kindle #scifirom

Back List Blast

Hello! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Welcome to my Back List Blast post for March 17. Today I want to tell you about my third release, Unknown Futures. This story is a science fiction erotic lesbian romance, which released from Decadent Publishing as part of their 1Night Stand line on January 3, 2012.

I wrote this story after several readers asked for more of Frey and Carrie from Celestial Seduction. I wanted to continue their story, but I could not think of a story for just them. So I brought in new characters, and had the stars of Celestial Seduction as minor characters.

Unknown Futures by Jessica E. SubjectHere’s an excerpt from Unknown Futures:

“Miss Jewel Barnaby?”

Her eyes darted toward the tall, austere man in surprise, nervous tension knotting her shoulders. She almost didn’t respond. No one had called her Jewel since she’d left the hospital two years ago. Instead they called her ugly, freak, or monster. The doctors had done all they could, but despite the several surgeries and multiple, painful skin grafts, everyone in Prescott, Ontario would always know her as the girl who was splashed in the face with acid on the biggest night of her teenage life.

They’d been in his garage, grabbing blankets for the after-prom party. When he’d tried to get fresh with her, she’d had to tell him, a jock through and through, she wouldn’t sleep with him, that she’d preferred women. But he didn’t take no for an answer. Pinned against his truck, her heart racing in panic, she kneed him in the groin. Doubled over, he’d grabbed sulfuric acid from a shelf behind him and splashed it in her face. Everything after that moment became a blur until she woke up in a hospital, groggy with painkillers, a tube stuck down her throat. She couldn’t see a thing with the bandages covering her eyes, but felt and heard her mother by her side.

From then on, some of her neighbors looked at her with disgust, sympathy, or fear. Others glanced away when she passed, as if she didn’t exist, including her old friends.

The chauffeur simply smiled at her as he reached for her two oversized suitcases. His professional, impassive demeanor calmed some of the butterflies dancing in her stomach.

Standing on the curb, she stared down the road, sure neighbors spied out their windows, wondering why a limo would be picking her up. I need a break from this place. As she slid over the leather seat of the Ford Excursion limousine, her stomach tightened. Madame Evangeline’s text had been brief. Pack for two weeks. The limo will meet you in front of your building in an hour. She’d had no time to do anything but change and throw clothes in a suitcase.

Until now. Had applying to 1Night Stand really been a good idea? She could end up with her date running away, screaming. And why had Madame Evangeline told her to pack for two weeks when her date was only supposed to last one night?

Where’s Jewel going for her date? Find out in Unknown Futures, an All Romance eBook bestseller.

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Six Sentences Sunday: Six from Beneath the Starry Sky now FREE on Amazon! #sixsunday

Thank you for coming to read my Six Sentence Sunday post today!

Here’s six from BENEATH THE STARRY SKY, a contemporary erotic romance
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She pressed her body against him, her sweet lips reaching up to his. He could lose his mind in her passionate, desperate kisses. He reached down to play with her wet core before lifting her legs around his waist. The tip of his cock met her slippery softness.

“Fuck me, Josh. I want you now.”

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