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Cover reveal! SILK & SCARS by @authorCassDean #histrom #sweetromance @DecadentPub

 Cover Reveal for…


The Silk Series Book 3

by Cassandra Dean

Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC

Genre(s): Historical Romance, Sweet Romance, Early Victorian Romance

Heat Rating: 2 – kissing, petting

Silk & Scars by Cassandra Dean

For over a year, Miss Gwendolyn Parkes and the Duke of Sowrith have corresponded. At first an error, the letters quickly became something much more, a friendship forged on like minds and perhaps the hope of something more…

When Gwen is compelled by her employer to attend the duke at his Dartmoor estate, she is devastated to find her beloved friend cold and imperious, even if he is the most handsome man she’s ever seen – despite his scars.

Edward, Duke of Sowrith, has longed to meet Gwen. Arranging her passage to his estate, he is tongue-tied when confronted with her quiet beauty. All too aware of the twisted ruin of his face, he allows fear to hold him silent…until Gwen’s safety is threatened.

Finally together, they grow closer until it seems they can never again be apart – but can a commoner and a duke find a happily ever after?

Release date to be announced soon.

Other books in the series:

SILK & SCANDAL (The Silk Series Book 1)

SILK & SCORN (The Silk Series Book 2)

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Enjoy An Excerpt

“Edward.” Her hand slid up his lapel. Turning, he found her gray gaze upon him, a faint crease between her brows. “What is different?”

He stared into her eyes. She met his monocular gaze, no part of her expression revolted by the eye patch, the scars. He glanced at her hand, stroking his chest almost absently, her attention fully and totally on him. “When I received your letter, the one meant for Etta, it was like a ray of light, a beacon through relentless gray. So I responded and you sent your next letter and they….You were so full of joy, it bubbled out from the page and made me think perhaps I could experience it, if only a little. You had Etta, and your parents, and your employment, and though all three annoyed you on occasion, you had such…illumination.” His finger began a mad rhythm against his leg. “I’ve never had any of that. I’ve been here alone since the accident. I didn’t go to Eton. I was too ill. By the time I was old enough to attend university, I was so far behind there was no point. I went to London for the Season, but…. That did not turn out well.” Memories of horrified stares assaulted him, the whispers and notoriety that had come with his foray into society. Forcing the memories away, he said, “So I came home, and stayed.

“Then you sent me a letter. A bright, shining thing, and we corresponded and I…I wanted to meet you. So I arranged it that Beecham brought you to Sowrith, but I never thought he would not tell you, that I—” He grimaced. “You know what happened.

“Then you arrived, you were here, and I couldn’t…. There were no words. So I stood like a fool and watched you, and I wished I had the words that came so easily by pen. You were just like your letters—bright and gold and glittering, with your smile and your lightness, even when you frowned. And that was amazing to me. You are amazing to me. I wish I could…I wish I could tell you…” Finally, he looked at her.

Eyes wide, she regarded him, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

Shifting his weight, he averted his gaze. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said those things. I—”

A gentle finger against his lips stilled his words, and he remained silent as her hand slipped to cup his cheek. The ruined one. Emotion shuddered through him as he absorbed her touch.

“See? You say such things and I can’t…” Her thumb tracing his cheekbone, her other hand slid up his chest to crumple his lapel as she pulled. Following her direction, he leaned down.

Tentatively, her lips brushed his.

Hardly daring to breath, he stood stock still as she hesitantly explored the shape of his mouth, her lips molding to his with small stops and starts. Her tongue darted against his lips and he shuddered, the sensation exquisite and overwhelming.

Wrapping his good arm around her, he urged her close. She came, her arms slipping about his neck as her lips opened under his. The wind tore at his hair and howled in his ears, his heart thundering in his chest. Her mouth was warm and eager, tasting of honey and gold. Of Gwen.


About the Author

Cassandra DeanCassandra Dean is a best-selling, multi-published author of historical and fantasy romance. Her latest novel, SLUMBER, is part of Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairytales and features Cassandra’s take on Sleeping Beauty. Her next novel, SILK & SCARS, is part of her popular Silk Series, featuring Victorian Era lawyers and their happily ever after.

Cassandra is proud to call South Australia her home, where she regularly cheers on her AFL football team and creates her next tale.

Visit Cassandra’s website at http://cassandradean.com

Join Cassandra’s mailing list at http://eepurl.com/kzesP

Follow Cassandra on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AuthorCassandraDean
and on Twitter @authorCassDean

Contact Cassandra at cassandra@cassandradean.com

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This cowboy wants what is Off-Limits ~ SAM’S TEMPTATION by @VSMorgan1 #foodie #IRMC

V2Blog Tour Image

Sam’s Temptation

by V.S. Morgan

Decadent Publishing

Length: 77 pages, ~20,000 words

Genre(s): Contemporary Erotic Multicultural Western Foodie Rubenesque

Sam's Temptation by V.S. MorganOn a working vacation in Montana, Chef Gabi Inez’s schedule allows her to enjoy planned activities and hangout with her cousin and his new family. She’s not looking for love, but spending time with a hunky cowboy sounds perfect. Gabi works hard, but every girl needs some fun. What if flirting leads to something more?

Sam Malone is the brains behind Blackbird, a guest and working ranch. Since his parents’ death, his sole purpose has been family and the ranch’s survival. Burned by love in the past, he avoids the distraction that comes with beautiful women. But what’s a cowboy to do when a sweet and sassy chef gets under his skin, only to be told by her overprotective cousin she’s off limits?

Available from:

Amazon | Kobo | iBooks (iTunes-Apple)


Enjoy An Excerpt

Rafael rejoined them by the entrance and held out a pink T-shirt. “To add to your collection.”

The T-shirt’s slogan read Monty’s—Doing Spicy Right.

She hugged him. “Thank you.”

He teased her about her geeky collection of food-related shirts, but some of her favorites had come from him.

She reclaimed the back seat and watched the scenery while they left town. The guys quietly talked, allowing her to imagine what she’d find when they reached the ranch in a few hours. Her stomach fluttered when she thought about seeing Samuel again.

Blond with chiseled good looks, he was a major hottie. At least six-three, his powerful frame had filled out his stylish suit in amazing ways. He was GQ model perfection in a cowboy hat. All the Malone brothers were handsome men, but Samuel had captured her attention with his piercing, intelligent steel-blue eyes. While quieter than his siblings, the man did not fade into the background. In fact, she’d been drawn to him like a magnet. And, to think, she’d almost slugged him when they’d first met.


About the Author

V.S. Morgan has lived all over the US but calls Minnesota her home now. Her family includes her hubby, son, and a menagerie of pets.

She’s been writing stories since she could hold a pencil and dreams of happily ever afters – even for two hot men – because love knows no boundaries. V.S. writes MC/IR contemporary, paranormal, and suspense m/f and m/m with heart.

V.S. is a GLBT ally and a lifetime contributor of The Trevor Project.

Website: http://www.vsmorgan.com

Facebook and Goodreads: V.S. Morgan

Twitter: @vsmorgan1



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Can an Alpha Commander find love with a female slave? BREEDER by @CaraBristol #scifirom

Breeder by Cara Bristol

Breeder: Can an Alpha Commander find love with a female slave?

Guest Post By Cara Bristol

Name: Dak

Age: In Terran years, about 35.

Species: Parseon

Position: Alpha. One of only five ruling Commanders on the planet. The highest of the high.

Goal: Maintain peace and stability in his province during a time of growing unrest over the existence of a deviant male/female Enclave.

Closest ally: His anointed beta partner, Corren.

His foes: Too many to count. But topping the list are the other Alphas of Parseon and his own brother who’d tried to have him killed.

Why he decided to purchase a breeder: He needs a son to carry on his legacy, and Omra has never been bred, which guarantees offspring produced will be his. When he’s done with her, he’ll hand her off to Corren. Her purchase had nothing to do with her soothing presence, the curviness of her body, that her eyes are violet like the Parseon moon…

Name: Omra

Age: 20

Species: Parseon

Position: Breeder. As a slave, she has no status in Parseon society.

Goal: Fulfill her function and produce a son. To be purchased by Alpha is only a dream for most females. She didn’t think she’d ever get out of the BCF since the director of the Breeder Containment Center thwarted her purchase because he wanted to continue to “use” her and then sell her to intergalactic traders.

Closest ally: Anika, her BCF cellmate, who sneaked her food after the director curtailed it.

Her foes: The director who has vowed retribution after he was disciplined for dereliction of duty. But her worst enemy? Corren, Alpha’s beta. For reasons she can’t determine, he hates her.

Name: Corren

Age:  30

Species: Parseon

Position: beta, a male of secondary rank, and the anointed domestic partner of Alpha Commander Dak.

Goal: Have himself rightfully re-assigned as alpha. But for a single point on the assessment exam he would have been alpha and would not be forced to bow and scrape to an Alpha unworthy of the title.

Closest allies: The Director of the BCF and Enyi, his secret lover.

His foes:  Only one. The breeder drakor (English translation: filthy vermin) that Dak brought home from the BCF. Dak seems uncommonly and perversely attracted to her. She will spoil his plans if he doesn’t do something.

Breeder by Cara Bristol:

Breeder by Cara BristolTo secure his legacy, Commander Dak, a ruling Alpha of planet Parseon, purchases Omra, a breeder slave. He intends to impregnate her, produce a son, and hand her off to his anointed beta partner. As Dak and Omra discover a sexual bliss banned by law, he begins to question the traditions and ways of his people, causing him to jeopardize his command and endanger the life of the woman he has come to love.

Breeder explores the concepts of gender roles and social prohibitions against deviant behavior. It includes graphic M/F and some M/M sexual content and violence, including nonconsensual domestic discipline.

Available From:

Loose ID | Amazon | All Romance

Breeder Excerpt:

They had halted under a portico, its roof supported by two massive stone pillars. Builders had constructed the lower portion of the main structure from gray Parseon marble, the top half from an opaque reflective material. In keeping with Parseon culture, which valued function over beauty, the edifice formed a square, its corners and walls plumb, with not a single stone misaligned nor a single adornment to soften the starkness except for veins meandering through the marble in an unruly way.

“My domicile,” Alpha announced.

A massive wooden door opened, and a tall man emerged.

Corren, she presumed, and studied him from beneath her lashes.

If not for his insignia and his brown uniform, he could have been mistaken for an alpha. Corded muscles bulged in his arms and rippled across his chest. His hair was of some medium shade, cropped short like an Alpha rather than chin length like a typical beta. He spared her not a glance but focused on the Commander.

Alpha alighted from the conveyance, and the two men embraced in a Bridge of Amity, a sign denoting friendship or a truce, depending on the situation. The Commander clasped Corren’s bare right shoulder, and the beta touched Alpha’s left uniform-covered one, their arms forming a link between them. She studied the two men and redacted her impression of Corren as alpha-like. Next to the Commander, he dwindled in stature and comportment. He stood almost a head shorter, his shoulders were narrower, his musculature puny, his bearing common. But who could compare to Alpha?

Kianiko?” Alpha asked, in the Parseon greeting used with familiars.

“I am well,” the beta responded. “Kianiko?

“Excellent. The ride offered a pleasant diversion.”

They broke apart, and Corren retreated. He continued to ignore Omra but eyed the beasts and the sheen of sweat glistening on their coats. “I do not understand why you travel this way. But as you will. I shall have the stable keeper unbridle the animals and tend to their needs.” He paused. “Tell me about the female.”

“She is unbred.”

Corren arched his eyebrows.

Dak yanked up her shift, nudged her legs apart, and flicked at the ring between her legs. The sun felt hot against her exposed sex, the finger that brushed against her warmer still.

Alpha was focused on her, his head bent, so he did not catch the animosity that flashed in Corren’s gaze, but Omra did. She swallowed.

“A fortuitous find for you,” Corren said. Equanimity filled his eyes now.

The Commander let her smock fall. “And for you. She will serve your physical needs when you require release.”

“Thank you.” Corren nodded, but he did not sound at all grateful or appreciative, not to Omra’s ears anyway. “Now I understand why a courier delivered female uniforms this morning. I almost sent them back to the vendor, thinking it an error, but decided to check with you.”

“The articles came? Good. That was fast.”

“You are Alpha,” Corren commented drily. The familiarity Alpha allowed his beta heightened Omra’s respect for the Commander. Secure in his status, he did not dominate for the show of it.

“Indeed.” Alpha’s mouth twitched as he exchanged a glance with his beta. He beckoned to her. “Come.”

Omra scooted to the edge of the seat and jumped to the ground. She stumbled and would have fallen on the stone entry walk except that Alpha caught her elbow and steadied her. “This is my beta, Corren,” he informed her. “You remember what we talked about.”

Obey. She nodded in comprehension.

To Corren he said, “Her name is Omra.”

The beta tightened his lips.

Alpha arched an eyebrow. “You find her lacking?”

“May I speak freely?”

The Commander nodded. “Your opinion is worthy.”

“She appears scrawny and weak bodied, and I predict she will be unable to bear the rigors of domestic labors, let alone produce your progeny.” He sniffed.

Dak blinked. “You sound almost jealous.”

Find Cara here:

Author website | Twitter @CaraBristol | Facebook

#MySexySaturday – Just a Friend? in NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO #dystopian #LGBT #romance

My Sexy Saturday

Hello everyone! It’s the 16th week of My Sexy Saturday. Here are the details: every Saturday, published and unpublished authors will be sharing 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published story.

Never Gonna Say Goodbye released from Amazon and All Romance eBooks on Thursday (will be available at other retailers starting Sept. 17). And to celebrate the release of the third book in the GLBT series, Never Gonna Let You Go has been marked down to 99 CENTS until September 26.

Never Gonna Let You Go - Sci-Fi Dystopian with FF and MF scenes

While the story has both FF & MF scenes, this one involves Calla and Melina.

“I want you close by to make sure you’re okay. I don’t want you sleeping by yourself.”

Calla didn’t want to be alone either. She yearned for a quick recovery to get back out in the field before the mission ended and they returned to Earth.

And she wanted to be with her new lover. She deserved to be happy. Didn’t she?

Melina stripped off her clothes to reveal her tempting round breasts, the nipples already raised in arousal. She crawled in beside her on the most comfortable bed Calla had slept in for a month. Even though the night proved too hot to wear anything in the tents, she welcomed Melina’s soft, warm body next to her.

“If you’re feeling up to it, we’ll go out tomorrow and catch a rapat. Whatever it takes. Otherwise, I’ll take one of the guys out. No matter what, we’ll have one for you.” She draped an arm across Calla’s belly, her chin on Calla’s shoulder. “I just want you to get better.”

Calla leaned into Melina’s arms, pressing against her naked form. If only she’d felt this content during the entire mission. This relationship was something she’d never expected, and yet, she refused to deflect her commander’s affection. A new strength filled her, having someone in her corner. “Thank you. It’s good to have a friend again.”

Gazing into her eyes, Melina asked, “Is that all you want? Just a friend?”

Get it for only 99 CENTS from:

 Amazon | All Romance eBooks

Book Trailer:


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