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The Magic Touch #Giveaway Hop & Swag Bonanza! April 20-30

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Madame Eve has the Magic Touch!

In Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand line, there is one character mentioned in each and every one. That character is Madame Eve, the woman who owns the 1Night Stand dating service. And while her history is a well guarded secret by the creators of the line, she has made so many perfect matches, working her magic every time.

Here are some excerpts mentioning Madame Eve from my 1Night Stand stories:

Celestial Seduction (a 1Night Stand story) by Jessica E. SubjectCelestial Seduction

Six foot one, her date owned a successful construction company, and the picture….he resembled every man she’d ever fantasized about. His dark brown, wavy hair looked perfect to run her fingers through and his eyes…bedroom didn’t even begin to describe how enticing they were. She got wet just looking at them in a picture. Oh, she needed to see them up close.

“God, he’s gorgeous,” Tamara said.

Carrie blinked. Since it took Tamara twenty minutes to get from her place to Carrie’s, she’d been staring at the picture all that time. She flushed, trying to shut her laptop, but Tamara held it open.

“Not so fast. I want deets. What’s his name? What does he do?”

“His name is Frey; weird, but I can live with it.” She read his impressive profile to Tamara.

“Wow, Madame Eve certainly worked her magic here. He’s perfect for you.”

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Satin Sheets in Space by Jessica E. Subject, an erotic sci-fi romance menageSatin Sheets in Space

He brought her hand up to kiss her knuckles, his lips soft against her skin.

What would they feel like elsewhere?

He slid a red rose corsage onto her wrist, marking her as his. She didn’t care to object. “I’m sorry I made you think I wasn’t coming. I…I had a hard time finding a costume that fit. So, will you consider spending the rest of the night with me?”

Consider? God, yes! She’d considered it the moment she’d heard his voice, but didn’t believe he would want to spend any time with her. And she could relate to the search to find proper-sized clothing. Madame Evangeline had found her perfect match. But could she go through with the date? Yes! Time to take a chance.

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Sudden Breakaway by Jessica E. SubjectSudden Breakaway

The door clicked open. She spun around in her seat to catch a glimpse of the man she’d spend the rest of the day with before he saw her. A rush of excitement fueled her fire. Her heart hammered in her chest.

He wore a jersey, but not from the team she cheered for. He wasn’t a hockey player either. Her panties grew wet as she stared at his full, luscious lips, imagining them traveling all over her body, bringing her so much pleasure. Madame Eve could not have picked a better match for her. Every one of her recent fantasies would become reality.

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And from my upcoming release…

Another Night, Another Planet

A few seconds later, he stared at the screen, unable to believe what he’d read. He clicked on the first link. 1Night Stand? A dating service? The woman he’d seen had been too attractive to need someone to find her a date. If she’d found him half an hour earlier, she could have had him for the night. But no matter how much the idea flabbergasted him, he couldn’t stop reading about Madame Eve and her magical matchmaking abilities. Could there really be someone out there for him? He shook his head. Maybe for one night, but not for a lifetime. That bridge had come and been stolen away from him, never to be crossed again.

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