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My new Kobo e-reader

So this is my new Kobo e-reader and I promised many people on Twitter that I would provide a review of the product.

To begin, I love having a portable e-reader rather than my laptop. It is very awkward to take the laptop into the bathroom, but the Kobo e-reader is easy to use whether you’re on the toilet or in the bathtub. I know I’m not the only one who takes a book into the bathroom. (Read: On Writing by Stephen King.)

There are some things I do not like about the Kobo e-reader:
1. epub books are classed in Books, while pdf books are classed in Documents.
2. If I press the center button on the navigation pad, sometimes it acts like I clicked twice. This can be annoying since you have to start at the main menu again to get out of the book you didn’t select.
3. If I get epub books from a site other than Kobo, or any pdf file or book, I cannot change the font style or size.
4. I must recharge the e-reader through my computer until I buy a USB wall charger.

What do I like about the Kobo e-reader?:
1. Portability
2. Quilted back – makes it comfortable to hold onto
3. Size and weight – 12cm x 18.4cm x 1cm thick, only 221 grams
4. 1 GB memory – holding up to 1000 eBooks – just copy and paste files, really easy. I can also add an SD card up to 4 GB to hold more books
5. Battery charge up to 2 weeks or 8000 page turns.
6. Includes 100 FREE eBooks – FREE BOOKS!
7. The E Ink display makes it so easy to read without backlight, glare or reflection – seriously.
8. Price – Although I didn’t pay for it, the Kobo e-reader is only $149.

Overall, I love it, and am in the middle of reading two books on it right now! (One is pdf and the other is epub)

Here are some more pictures of my Kobo e-reader:

If I view an epub file and I turn the e-reader off while reading it, the books cover will be on the e-reader.

If I turn off my Kobo e-reader while reading a pdf file, I will see a screen the same as the picture at the top of this post.

Now I can read some e-books and reduce my “To Be Read” pile. Thank goodness they are patient.

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