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#SFRMonday ~ SHADOW WARS HOMEBOUND by Ursula Sinclair @lavernethompson #NewAdult #scifirom


Author Ursula Sinclair brings us an interstellar story about young love…

Shadow Wars Homebound by Ursula Sinclair


by Ursula Sinclair

A New Adult Sci-fi Romance

Did you ever feel as though you don’t belong?

Veil had been a step out of place all his life. Until one day he found a phone that took him on a path far beyond the world he knew. But to get all the answers he had to save the princess he fell in love with – only to lose her once he made her a queen.

Nikki never felt she quite belonged. Until she met a man who saved her life and placed her on a throne she never knew was hers. But in order to be queen and save a world at war, she had to give up Veil.

Would you walk away from the love of a lifetime if you could prevent the destruction of a planet?

Warning! Violence. Adult Situations. Recommended for 18+

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My body being flung forward in the car from the hard braking roused me from a sound sleep. The rain struck the car harder now, but I had no trouble making out the two men framed in the headlights, standing in the middle of the road, dressed in black, their long coats flapping out like wings behind them. I blinked, but they were still there, like something from a science fiction movie. Except this was no fiction and it sure as hell was no movie screen we watched.

The one on the right raised his arm and pointed it in our direction. I could see a blue light slowly ringing his arm. As though he charged the weapon he held, when suddenly another blue blast hit him from behind and he went flying into the air. The other man with him didn’t pause to check on his friend, but also raised his hand.
I could see it glowing bright blue. Hotter, faster. My gaze rested riveted on it.

“Out. Get out!” Veil yelled. Breaking into my fear, he opened the door and pulled me out behind him. He dragged me into a wet ditch seconds before the car exploded. He didn’t wait but kept dragging me away from the explosion.

In my shock, I could do nothing but stumble after him in the rain. “Mr. Moss,” I croaked out.

Veil screamed, “RUN!”

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About the Author

LaVerne Thompson is an award winning, best-selling, multi-published author, an avid reader and a writer of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi sensual romances. She also writes romantic suspense and new adult romance under the pen name Ursula Sinclair.
She is currently working on several projects. Both of her daughters are now away at college. However, she and her husband don’t like the term empty nester. She’s added a cat to the household to keep the dog of the house company. Hopefully writing will keep her sane.

Visit her website to read excerpts of her books, contact her on Facebook  and/or Twitter.

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Hi, my name is LaVerne Thompson. I also write romantic suspense as Ursula Sinclair and I’m happy to be here today as part of Decadent Publishing’s A Buck A Book Win A Nook blog tour.

I thought I’d tell you a little something about myself. I’m a tea drinker. I’m one of those folks whose metabolism always runs high so coffee puts me to sleep. Yeah go figure. So tea it is.

When I was younger I took my tea with milk, English style, well I was born in Trinidad once part of Great Britain so no surprise. But as I got older I experimented more. For awhile I was a chai tea drinker but seriously nothing gives you a sweet rush like hot cocoa so I ixnayed chai a long time ago. After having tried quite a few types of teas now I know what kind I like: for every day white tea with a peach flavor nothing added to it, occasionally I’ll add a little honey, when I’m sick green tea with lemon and honey, and to help me sleep chamomile with a little honey.

It’s also why in most of my books you’ll find my heroines drinking a nice cuppa tea. So the next time you read one of my stories take note if they’re drinking coffee or tea.

White Wedding by Ursula Sinclair

White Wedding- Guardian Agency Series Book 1

By Ursula Sinclair

Shanna Stiles hasn’t been a virgin for years, but it’s still her dream to have a white wedding. Her dream becomes a nightmare when, just before she walks down the aisle, her fiancé is seen kissing his best man.

She runs away from her life, and a chance encounter with the gorgeous, successful Ross Marshall leads to a week of passion and a connection neither of them expected. Ross is determined to have a future with Shanna, but someone out there won’t let it happen. Shanna returns home and soon discovers disturbing secrets about the people she trusts.

With so much stacked against her, she looks to Ross for protection and comfort, and it turns out he may be exactly what she needs–except the man she left at the altar isn’t giving her up without a fight.

US_Guardian Agents_BANNER

LaVerne Thompson is the author of several works in the contemporary, fantasy and sci/fi genres. She also writes romantic suspense with an edge under her alter ego Ursula Sinclair. She loves to hear from readers.





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