Vampires As Romantic Heroes? Guest post by author, Cara Bristol

I’m so excited to have Cara Bristol on my blog today. I first read excerpts from her books through Six Sentence Sunday, and was so pleased to learn she had a 1Night Stand story coming out. A Scent of Longing released on Friday, April 13, and I look forward to reading my copy, already loaded onto my Kobo. Take it away, Cara!

Years ago when I heard that vampires had become romantic heroes, I was incredulous. Fanged, blood-sucking monsters of the night as heroes? Somebody hand me a stake and clove of garlic. You see, my only experience of vampires came from the horror genre; I’d read Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot.

But one vampire changed my mind — Mick St. John of the now-canceled CBS show, Moonlight. Mick was a private-eye vampire played by Alex O’Loughlin who made it his mission to protect Internet reporter Beth Turner, played by Sophia Myles. The chemistry between the two, the slow dance of awareness and growing desire that drew them closer to one another was pure seduction. The power Mick displayed, when, as my mother described it, he “got all vampirey” and flashed his fangs with a roar was awesome. And his expression when he’d been seriously hurt, and Beth finally realized what he was, was heart-rending.

It sold me, and I quickly gobbled up vampire romance novels. But as an author who writes contemporary and domestic discipline erotic romances, I never considered writing one, until an interviewer asked me what other romance subgenres I might like to delve into.  I realized I wanted to write a paranormal romance that combined everything I loved about vampires: power and vulnerability, fear and courage, love and loss.

A Scent of Longing, a 1Night Stand release by Decadent Publishing, represents my paranormal debut (but my fifth book). It brings together two despairing vampires who believe their eternal futures are hopeless. Luc Fortier is a 376-year-old Half Breed who has been shunned by vampire society. Newly turned, Lily Dansen no longer belongs with humans, but doesn’t trust her fellow vamps. A blind date brings them together. Can love bloom from such an inauspicious beginning? When Madame Eve is involved it can…

 An Excerpt from A SCENT OF LONGING

“Someone named Madame Evangeline emailed me to confirm my appointment.” Lily Dansen nailed her best friend with an accusing stare. “What did you get me into?”

Her feet curled under her on Lily’s sofa, Roxie Fairchild braved her scowl without a flinch. “It’s for your own good. You’ve moped around long enough. You need to live again.”

“Date, you mean.”

“Date. Have sex. Get wild and crazy. Anything!”

“No man will go out with me once he’s finds out what I am. What happens if I do to someone else what Phillip did to me? I couldn’t live with myself.” Bitterness etched Lily’s voice.

“You’re nothing like Phillip.” Her expression gentle, Roxie squeezed Lily’s hand. Her touch felt feverish, but Lily knew Roxie was fine; she was the afflicted one. “You have a long future, and you can’t spend it alone.”

Lily’s brunette curls bounced with the shake of her head. “I can’t date. I’m a vampire now.” The corners of her mouth drooped. “I’m also a terrible judge of character.”

“You’ve made some bad choices,” Roxie agreed.

“Married. Wanted for armed robbery. Vampire….” Lily ticked off the losers she’d had the misfortune of dating.

“That’s why Madame Evangeline’s 1Night Stand service—”

“—is a bad idea.”

“—is a good idea,” Roxie continued. “You can get your feet wet before you dive into the dating pool. An evening of hot sex with no strings attached will help you get your mojo back.”

Lily scrunched her nose up with distaste. “I don’t see how sleeping with a stranger will help me regain my confidence. And what if he has some horrible disease?”

Roxie chuckled. “A, that’s what condoms prevent. B, Madame Eve screens her candidates carefully. And, C, you’re a vampire now! You’re immune to everything, right?”

“That’s the only positive thing.” Lily hugged herself. The golden color she’d acquired basking on Santa Monica Beach had faded to pasty white, and she would never be able to tan again. If she so much as stepped into sunlight, she’d sizzle like a potato dropped into a deep fryer. And speaking of which, she couldn’t eat french fries anymore either. Or pizza. Or chocolate. But none of those things mattered.

Her throat constricted, and she swallowed. “I’ll never have children.” By turning her, Phillip, the rat vampire bastard, had stolen her chance of motherhood.

“I know, sweetie.” Roxie’s voice brimmed with sympathy. “And damn Phillip for that. But maybe, when you’re ready, you could adopt?”

“Who’d give a baby to a vampire?”

“How would they know?”

“There’d be home visits from a social worker or daytime meetings with an agency, which you know I can’t do!” She raised her hand to halt further painful discussion. “Please, can we talk about something else?”

“All right.” Roxie blinked and smothered a tiny yawn. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s not your fault.” She was out of sync with the world. The clock had struck midnight and her friend could hardly keep her eyes open, but Lily was wide awake. That pointed to another reason she couldn’t date—how could she explain her unavailability during the day?

“There’s no way Madame Evangeline could find a guy who would suit me.”

“She has a gift for connecting people. Besides, I know you. I filled out your online application with your likes, dislikes, and character traits.”

Annoyance warred with curiosity. Curiosity won. “What did you say about me?”

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Author Bio:

Cara Bristol crafts the kind of romance she likes to read: spicy tales of love and desire that are fun, sexy and stirring. She writes in three subgenres of erotic romance: contemporary, domestic discipline, and paranormal. When she’s not hard at work in front of the computer, she travels with her husband and has been all over the world. Her goal is to visit all seven continents and all fifty states of the U.S. Though she hates to admit it, she enjoys reality shows, with her current favorites being Survivor and the Real Housewives series. She has five books published: Intimate Submission, Secret Desires, Unexpected Consequences, Reckless in Moonlight, and A Scent of Longing. Her sixth, False Pretenses, a domestic discipline story, will be released by Loose Id in June. She’s currently working on a paranormal.

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  1. Hi Zee *waving* – thanks for stopping by. Jessica, the spotlight looks wonderful! Love the photo of Mick from Moonlight. Damn, he was sexy! I noticed I made a typo right off the get-go in my blog. It’s supposed to be Bram Stoker, not Bran. Bran goes good with raisins and is served at breakfast. LOL. Thanks for having me.
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  2. Cara and Jessica! What a great post – I laughed out loud because I”m a huge fan of Salem’s Lot and it took me a while to get that sexy vibe for vampires. But once I got it, bring it on! The book looks wonderful and I can’t wait to read it!
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  3. OMG! I just loved Moonlight and Mick. Was sooo pissed when they canceled the show. I like him in H-50, but there is nothing like it when, as you mother said, he went all vampirey, LOL. Great post, congrats on the release.

  4. Great post Jess and Cara! A TV show is what drew me to Vampires as well Cara … in fact I recently got to meet my first vampire crush a couple weeks ago. Of course I was the epitome of coolness (ok maybe not lol) but it was a great experience … and now get to see him once a week … and in truth the vamp crush I had on him now is growing even more! lol
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  5. Squeeeee Moonlight is fantastic! It’s in my collection of cancelled but uber awesome TV show dvds hehe along with Buffy, Angel, and Blood Ties.
    As for A Scent of Longing. WoW. Each snippet I read, I want more.
    Grats on the new release, Cara xx hope this leads to more paranormals from you

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