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JAGER is the second book of my sci-fi adventure romance series, Galactic Defenders, releases March 27. This is the second excerpt I’m sharing. You can find the first one here.

Set-up: Last week you learned training for Jager’s squad wasn’t going so well. Though Katrina definitely proved her skills. Well, the simulation is now finished, and Katrina killed all but one of the Erebus. Jager downed the other. Now, he’s trying to meet up with his squad after… (edited to fit)

Jager spotted Katrina leaning against the fence surrounding the forest, chatting with Jace, a Mingot, and a seventh-year Defender like him; his competition. They both had new squads and had to prove to the Alliance they were ready to go on missions. The new Zulu squad had already aided Echo on a humanitarian mission in the Tuey system. Probably because Katrina shared information about the drills with Jace so his team would perform better. Each drill was supposed to be different, but Jager couldn’t be sure. Katrina would do anything for the Defender who had helped saved her father when the Alliance had turned their back on him. How he wished he’d been sent instead.

No, he didn’t like Katrina. He didn’t like her fraternizing with Jace, the only Mingot he knew with hair. And he definitely didn’t like what the guy did with Katrina behind closed doors.

JAGER: Galactic Defenders Book Two

Jager’s new squad of Defenders has completed training, but the spoiled princess who has grated on his nerves since her first day of training is called back to Hemera for a yearly celebration. When Princess Katrina doesn’t show up, Jager must drag her home, where he wishes she would stay.

Katrina is a Defender, not a Princess. And there is no way she wants to return to a planet she hates for some stupid ceremony. Not when she could be out killing Erebus with her squad.

But when a new enemy threatens both their lives, they must work together to survive.


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  1. Jager’s nto a happy puppy – he doesn’t like a lot of things – but they are all focused on one “thing”.

  2. Does he actually like anything? lol. If he doesn’t like Katrina why does he have a problem with closed door. He is a bit delusional about his feelings.

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